Scientific explanation of the benefits of eating Prasad?

by davidsanders

The Bhog (edible offering) for Gods and Goddesses during puja when distributed is known as Prasadam or Prasad. Often there are sweets or even an entire Satvik meal in Prasad. It is considered to be the purest and holiest of all. Consuming the Prasad after Puja rituals is spiritually significant and an indivisible part of ritualistic worship. The word “Prasad” is formed of the prefix “Pra” which means before and the verb “Sad” means to dwell. It transforms the divine energies from God to the devotees. Distributing the Prasad amongst everyone present in the Puja is necessary as per Vedic scriptures.

There are texts and studies about the benefits of eating Prasad in a scientific context. Although it is a highly important aspect of Puja rituals, its benefits are debatable. Here are some of the advantages of having Prasad with a scientific outlook:


The food for offering to God is prepared by maintaining all the hygiene standards. also, you can order Online Prasad from Rudra Centre which is the most hygienic and safest to consume. There is no adulteration or use of unhealthy ingredients in making the Prasad. Utmost care is taken while preparing these sacred food items and made in a clean environment. The devotees are only consuming the best and pure food which is ultimately good for health.

Satvik Food

Satvik food is made of organically obtained items that are easily available in nature. They consist of fruits, dry fruits, fruit juices, milk, unprocessed food, honey, etc. These items are easy to digest and rich in nourishment. Satvik food proves to be beneficial for the body’s growth and keeps all kinds of diseases away. It is purely vegetarian and does not harm other creatures in nature to satisfy hunger. Consuming Satvik Food through Prasad is not only helpful for yourself but also for your surroundings.

Purification of Body

The Prasad is prepared with all-natural and vegetarian ingredients. It helps in cleansing the body and especially the Tulsi leaf has medicinal uses. It keeps the heart protected and has great health benefits. Herbal tea, Basil leaves, milk, etc. that are a part of Prasad clean and boost the immune system. Items served in Prasad are ideally Satvik and purify the system. It can also be said that eating such organic and hygienically cooked food helps detoxify the body since it is light for the stomach and free of bacteria.

Fresh and Untouched

As Prasad is first offered to the deity, it is made using fresh materials. Offerings for God always have to be pure which is why only the freshest of items are picked for making Prasadam. Also, it cannot be tasted by anyone (not even the cook) before offering it to God. This makes the food completely untouched and safe for consumption. One can be rest assured that Prasad in every temple or at any Puja function is unadulterated. The devotees can have the food only after it is relished by the deity. It then carries the grace of God and instills a sense of consciousness within the devotees.

Charan Amrit as Prasad

Charan Amrit is basically Panchamrit used during Puja rituals. It is a mixture of sugar, honey, milk, ghee, and yogurt. These 5 elements or ingredients have spiritual as well as medicinal importance. Sugar gives an energy rush while Honey symbolizes unity & polite communication and is scientifically good for digestion & skin health. Milk is symbolic of complete purity and boosts immunity. The Ghee in Panchamrit provides nutrition to the body and represents victory. Yogurt, the fifth component of Panchamrit is an exception to the fact that Satvik food includes fresh items. It is the single fermented food that is considered to be Satvik. The cooling impact of yogurt is helpful for healing the Vata Dosha and regulating the digestive system. Spiritually, it signifies affluence and healthier life.

Eating Prasad post Puja is an integral part and the scientific explanations have also been elaborately discussed above. Even though Hindu rituals are related to mythology and have been followed for ages by referring to Vedic scriptures, each of the rites has a scientific purpose attached behind it. Following the customs devised by sages and ancient folks are solely beneficial.

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