Rules that you must always follow when using a credit card

by Lisa Baker

1. Reduce the limit : the main rule that César Perelló highlights when using or choosing a credit card begins with its limit: “Often the credit limit of a card is above our monthly income, that is, we win 50 thousand and we have a credit limit of one or more cards for 100 thousand ”, he says. Reducing this limit to levels below our monthly income is a measure that ensures that we are not going to exceed what we can pay in the month and with this we are not going to finance.

2. Review the account statement : another rule added by the financial advisor is the detailed review of the account statements to verify that the consumptions are recognized. This helps prevent cloning and fraud of your cards.

3. Keep them in your possession: credit cards are a very dangerous resource, losing sight of them is never a good option, that is why it is important to always keep them in our possession and never lose sight of them when we pay at gas stations or restaurants.

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