10 Ultimate Reasons Which Will Make You Adopt Trees

by davidsanders

Apart from being a part of our natural landscape, trees also offer shelter & food to wildlife. They purify the air & make it breathable, but one of the fascinating things about trees is beautifying the world. We are Catch Foundation, an Environmental organization, and below, we are sharing ten interesting tree facts which will certainly make you  adopt trees:

1) Trees live long & never die of old age

Trees are known to live for several years & currently, there are trees which are believed to be 4000-5000 years old. Bristlecone pine trees are one of the oldest living species of trees globally.

2) Their rings can predict change in the climate

People use the tree’s rings to find its age, known as Dendrochronology. It does disclose their age and indicates the occurrence of any natural disasters like drought events or volcanic eruptions.

3) Helps in reducing energy costs

You can save up to 25% of your energy bills by strategically planting trees & shrubs. A shade tree can reduce the temperature by 20 degrees Celsius in summer. They do not only provide shade but also act as a windbreak during the winter season.

4) They have been to the moon

Astronauts carried some seeds to the moon to grow “Moon Trees” during their Apollo 14 mission in early 1971. NASA & US forest service wanted to know if the moon’s orbit made the trees grow differently compared to earth. Later on, these trees were donated to state forestry services in 1975 & 1976.

5) Trees can communicate & defend themselves from attacking insects

According to research made by scientists, trees flood their leaves with chemicals known as phenolics as soon as insects begin their raid. They can also communicate the same to other trees to start defending themselves. For example, a willow tree emits a particular type of chemical when they get attacked by webworms & some of the willow trees are known to produce more tannin, which makes their leaves harder to digest.

6 ) Reduces sound waves

Trees use their twigs, leaves, branches to absorb the sound waves & eliminate unwanted noise known as sound attenuation.

7) Helps in reducing stress

A recent study shows that you can improve your social & mental well-being by being around trees. It can also make us feel kinder towards others due to the chemicals released by them known as “phytoncides.” In addition, it is known to reduce their blood pressure and anxiety levels when breathed.

8) Reduces the effects of climate change

Trees can absorb more than 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually by absorbing carbon from the air & releasing oxygen.

9) They act as a natural compass

The rings of a tree can help you find the right direction. If you are in the north, you will be able to see the rings of a tree grow slightly thick on the south side as it receives more light. If you are in the south, the opposite is true.

10) Only one country has more than half of all tree species

Our world has around 60,000 tree species & many of them are on the verge of extinction. Countries like Brazil, Indonesia & Columbia have the highest number of native tree species.

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