Read This Guide Before Buying New Tyres

by Vipin Kumar
Tyre Repair Longton

Tyres suffer routine wear and tear due to several frictional forces acting on them. No tyre can last you a lifetime because of the nature of its use. Even if you properly maintain your tyres, you will have to replace them after a few years to maintain your vehicle’s performance and safety standards. 

Now, buying a new set of tyres can be a hassle because of the varieties available in the market. Every brand specialises in some of the other segments. Therefore, it is crucial to know which tyre will be compatible with your vehicle and your usual terrain. Incompatible tyres can hamper fuel economy and overall handling. Hence, read this guide before new tyres. 

Size Matters

Tyre size plays a vital role in performance and handling. Therefore, you must be mindful of the size when buying new tyres. Stock tyres that come originally fitted with your vehicle are optimised per the vehicle chassis exclusively. 

Tyre brands tie up with car manufacturers to deliver high-performance tyres that are compatible with the vehicle’s specifications. Hence, you can note your original tyre’s size and pick an exact replica if you don’t want to meddle with the dimensions. 

Tyre size is mentioned on the sidewalls in the form of an alphanumeric code. You may also refer to the owner’s manual for clear credentials. However, you can still upsize or downsize your tyres via Tyre repair Longton per your specific needs and requirements. 

Smaller tyres are lighter and aid in fuel efficiency but lack grip and traction. Similarly, bigger sized tyres offer excellent high-speed handling but are heavier, so they will hamper the fuel economy.

Note The Manufacturing Date

Top-quality tyres last ten years from the manufacturing date, even after optimal use. Safety standards have also laid down that older tyres must be replaced to uphold passenger well-being. 

Additionally, the MOT test also checks your tyre’s age before issuing the certificate. Therefore, if you buy a tyre that is a year old or so, you will have to replace them sooner, which is not economical. 

Hence, take note of the manufacturing date beforehand. Two to three months of maximum age can suffice. You can find the manufacturing date details on the sidewalls. The four-digit code is your bible to calculate age. The first two digits represent the month, and the last two are the year of manufacturing. 

Be Mindful Of The Season

Terrains and weather conditions dictate the tyre’s performance. Therefore, buy according to your usual climatic conditions. If you experience dry summer-like conditions, go for dry grip tyres. 

These tyres have a linear tread pattern that offers lesser rolling resistance, which is great for your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Also, the traction on dry surfaces is better, which is great for high-speed handling. 

If you experience varying conditions, go for all-season tyres. However, these tyres can be expensive because they are usually high-performance tyres.

They can work optimally under standard season changes. However, they do not deliver when the conditions are extreme. Similarly, if you experience biting cold in your region, switch to winter tyres. 

These tyres are made of exclusive polymer compounds that do not solidify even if the temperature drops below seven degrees. 

Moreover, these tyres have wider tread blocks for better aquaplaning resistance. The slits on the outer treads help in cutting through snow and ice efficiently. Hence, take a brief note of the climatic conditions you experience and buy accordingly. 

Be Careful Of The Brand

Brands are crucial when it comes to Tyres Longton. Top brands use premium material for maximum performance. Also, premium brands use advanced technologies to improve their products’ safety and performance ratings. 

Additionally, you also get extended brand warranties that can come in handy during car services. Also, you may also get some other perks like roadside assistance. Plus, established brands immediately call off their products in case of manufacturing defects. 

However, brands have niche technologies and product areas, so research into that beforehand. Do not buy cheap tyres from unknown brands. They are made of low-quality material, and they use outdated technologies. Further, your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and handling are likely to suffer. 


Buying new tyres requires utmost care and attention because incompatible tyres can lead to several vehicle issues. Also, you can always visit a well-established garage like Hot Hatch Corner for a proper performance assessment after tyre replacement. Take note of all the above-mentioned pointers to make an informed decision.

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