7 Scientific Ways For Rapid And Healthy Weight Loss

by romario drazon

30-Second Summary


  • Science-backed weight loss strategies are the best way to lose and maintain your weight in a healthy manner.
  • While crash diets and gimmicky weight loss tools may offer faster results, they may damage your health and you might even gain back the weight soon after.
  • So, choose a rational approach to lose weight with proven methods like calorie restriction, well-balanced diets, intermittent fasting, and supplements.




Weight loss should be a marathon and not a sprint. Fad diets may provide quick results, but you will find it hard to maintain a healthy weight this way. But slow weight loss can be discouraging too, as you may get demotivated and derailed from your weight loss journey. It is best to adopt scientific tips for weight loss that ensure quick results while being sustainable and healthy.


How Science Can Help You Lose Weight?


There is a myriad of gimmicky weight loss tools and crash diets you may have heard of. Some of these rapid weight loss methods may work too. However, most of these shortcuts to weight loss target only the water weight, thereby showing visible results in a short span. Once you revert to your routine lifestyle, you might gain the weight back quickly. Some crash diets may help with fat loss, but they are usually not practical to follow for a long time. 


According to some studies, approximately 20% of people from a general population manage to maintain their weight successfully after weight loss. This shows that people tend to gain back weight after some time. Moreover, weight maintenance requires strategies, such as regular physical activities, a calorie-restrictive low-fat diet, and a consistent eating pattern. These strategies are science-backed methods of weight loss. For effective weight loss and maintenance, you must rely on scientific techniques.


Scientific data give you a clear indication of what a nutrient-rich weight loss diet should be. Furthermore, it helps calculate the exact number of calories you burn in a day, allowing you to maintain your diet accordingly. Lastly, it can help you identify the best weight loss supplements with ingredient analysis instead of falling for marketing gimmicks. Therefore, you must follow scientific weight-loss strategies to achieve and maintain your target weight.


7 Science-Backed Tips To Lose Weight Fast


  1. Mindful Eating – Mindful eating is a quintessential part of a healthy lifestyle. Instead of following crash diets for a few days, try this strategy to maintain a healthy diet all year long. With mindful eating, you focus on portion control, nutrition, and appetite instead of blindly eliminating certain foods from your diet. It encourages you to eat your meals at a specific time every day to maintain uniformity. Further, it nudges you to focus on your food and stay away from distractions during mealtimes. This way, you will know when you are full and will be able to avoid over-eating. This is a simple weight loss strategy you can follow every day.


  1. Protein-Rich Breakfast – If you are skipping breakfast to shed your weight quickly, you are missing out on one of the best weight loss tips! A healthy breakfast offers you the energy to start the day on a high note and prevents hunger pangs and over-eating later. Moreover, protein is an excellent choice for breakfast because it offers sustained energy and curbs hunger. Protein-rich foods can decrease the levels of the hunger hormone called Ghrelin, preventing mindless snacking throughout the day. 


Include protein in your breakfast in the form of eggs, oats, nut butter, etc. Avoid sugary breakfast items like baked goods and cereal because they only offer an energy spike, and you will feel hungry again soon after.


  1. Realistic Weight Loss Targets – A healthy lifestyle should always be your primary goal, even if you are trying to lose weight. Therefore, you must set realistic weight loss targets that allow ample nutrition and a stress-free mind. For most people, the limits of healthy weight loss lie within 2-4 Kgs per month. If you set out with a target weight loss that is much higher than this number, you may be signing up for failure. When you are unable to meet the goals at the end of the month, it may discourage you from continuing your weight loss journey. 


On the other hand, you may be able to achieve unrealistic weight loss but at the cost of your health, which may cause long-term damage to your body. So, set achievable and healthy weight loss goals and stick with them for effective results.


  1. Consistent Motivation – Patience and consistency are essential when you want to lose weight. They stem from motivation, which you must maintain throughout your weight loss journey. Keep reiterating that your goal is to become healthier with every passing day, and minor setbacks should not deter you from this goal. Also, if you are having trouble managing your mood and appetite on certain days, a supplement may help you out. According to Plenity reviews, this supplement offers positive results to users. It works by generating a plant-based cellulose matrix in the stomach which occupies a lot of volumes and makes you feel fuller. On the days when you are gravitating towards unhealthy snacks, this supplement may control your cravings.


  1. Calorie Tracking – According to studies, consuming fewer calories is an effective weight loss technique. While avoiding fatty foods and carbohydrates may aid weight loss in some people, it usually boils down to how many calories you consume and burn in a day. When your daily calorie expenditure exceeds your calorie intake, weight loss will happen. It is crucial to track the calorie content of all the meals that you eat in a day. Equally important is tracking your daily activities, so you get an estimate of the number of calories you burn every day. You can use a fitness application or a journal to track the same. It will allow you to maintain and monitor a calorie-restrictive diet.


  1. Intermittent Fasting Techniques – One of the best weight loss tips for those who cannot stick to a restrictive diet is to try intermittent fasting. This fasting method permits consumption of all foods but during a specific window. The rest of the time will be a fasting window where you are not allowed to consume any calories. A popular format of intermittent fasting is the 16/8 format, where you can eat for 8 hours and fast for the rest of the day. Other variations include fasting completely on certain days of the week. Intermittent fasting is easy to follow and boosts metabolism to aid weight loss. Plus, since you are allowed to eat anything you want during the eating window, you will not miss your favorite foods.


  1. Stress Management – Constant stress can be a hurdle for weight loss. When you are stressed quite often, the hormone Cortisol circulates in your bloodstream. It signals to the brain that your body needs nutrition. In this scenario, your brain craves instant energy through carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates only offer a temporary energy spike, and these pangs may reappear often in a day. 


You must try to manage your stress with activities, like Yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities. Further, to control the stress-induced cravings, you can try a supplement that curbs appetite. As per the fairly positive Plenity reviews, this product may help you manage your appetite with natural ingredients that offer a full feeling.




A scientific and logical approach is the best way to lose weight healthily. It will also help you maintain your target weight. Some of the science-backed methods for weight loss include calorie restriction, portion control, and intermittent fasting. You can pair these with effective weight loss supplements for better results. Following these strategies will allow you to plan a healthy diet that helps you shed weight while offering nutrition. So, try the smart way to lose weight and choose fitness for life!

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