Rain Shower Head Buying Guide: Factors to Consider

by xiongcheng
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Modern rain shower heads are far from the overhead water nozzles of before. The sensual, glorious experience that today’s models bring make daily bathing a therapeutic experience. 

If you’re looking to update your bathroom and change your shower head, you might find the selection process time-consuming. Several brands and models of rain shower set exist, so choosing one that fits right up your alley can be quite a challenge.

To help you narrow down your options, consider these factors.

  1. Ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted. A ceiling-mounted type is fixed to the bathroom ceiling, while the wall-mounted types are attached to the wall. If it’s your first time having a showerhead, choose which one you’re more comfortable with. But if you already have an existing showerhead, you need to consider the work involved, especially if you’re switching from one type to another. Chances are you’ll be needing plumbing assistance from a professional. 
  1. Pressure and water coverage. For pressure and water coverage, it’s usually one or the other. If you want your showerhead to come with wider coverage, then the pressure or flow rate will be less. But if you want heavy pressure or flow rate, then you might have to choose from smaller showerhead models. You might also want to prioritise ceiling-mounted shower heads. If you want both in a single model, check with a reputable supplier if they have options you can look into. 
  1. Size and shape. Showerheads come in different sizes and shapes. Small bathrooms will need smaller showerheads, while wider bathrooms can use bigger showerheads. If your bathroom size is small, consider getting a round or square-shaped one. It depends on your personal preference which you would like to have installed in your bathroom. The key is to know your bathroom measurements first before deciding which specific model to purchase. 
  1. Material. You’ll want your new rain shower set to last a long time. So skip the cheap materials with questionable quality. Instead, look for showerheads made with high-quality materials that resist leaks, cracks, and rust. Plastic is more affordable, but it’s prone to cracking. It also has higher chances of attracting bacterial growth. A metal shower head is sturdier and more durable and is also a perfect option for rainfall showers. Metal doesn’t give way even when exposed to high temperatures. It’s also rust-resistant. It can be costlier, but you get what you pay for with all its benefits.  
  1. Finish. Showerheads are also available in various finishes. Options include chrome, gold, and bronze, among many others. You’ll want a finish that works well with your bathroom design. For example, if you’re looking for a contemporary and luxurious look, then you might want to consider gold-finished showerheads. Another factor to consider is the type of hardware that you’re using for the rest of the bathroom. It may be best to match your showerhead finish with them. 

Choosing the best rain shower head for your bathroom takes time. You’ll want to be sure of your choice before having it installed. If you still have a lot of questions in mind, talk to experts for recommendations. Learn more about available choices in the market, and which ones are most suitable for you and your household. 

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