Quickbooks error H505- Causes And Solutions

by steve rex
error code h505

When the user tries to get the company files or data onto another computer and that computer cannot be properly configured or needs additional installation or setup, QuickBooks will issue an error code H505. These error codes have to do with problems with hosting settings. QuickBooks appears to be having trouble because one or more computers are set up as the user’s server. Users’ computers are capable of working in multi-user mode, but only the server can be configured in this way, i.e. the machine that hosts the company files should be the only machine that acts as a host.

Quickbooks Error H505 Causes

Possible causes why user gets Quickbooks error H505:

  • The hosting configuration setting is incorrect.
  • When a system’s Firewall is obstructing access to company files or when it’s blocking communication.
  • Damaged or incorrect .ND file configuration that enables QB to access company files in a community.
  • The QuickBooks database server manager could not locate the IP address of the host computer
  • When the DNS setting is incorrect.
  • The QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX/QBCF are not yet launched.  

Quickbooks Error H505 Symptoms

Various symptoms of how you can identify your Quickbooks error H505:

  • QuickBooks error H505 crashed the active program window
  • When the laptop crashes while using the same program
  • An error message reads Quickbooks error H505
  • The windows behave slowly and respond slowly to mouse inputs.
  • Periodically, the system freezes.

Quickbooks Error H505 Solutions:

Look out for these methods in order to fix Quickbooks error H505:

Download and install the Quickbooks file doctor tool

The QuickBooks file doctor tool can be used to resolve multiple errors that occur in a company file.

Firstly, you need to check that QuickBooks is installed on your server computer.

Install and use the QuickBooks file doctor on the server. It fixes the H-series and multi-user errors.

Integrating the server with the windows server file

In this method, you need to integrate the server to the windows server file by Editing the Windows hosts file you can work on resolving the issue up to a certain extent.

Access your company file by creating a new folder and discuss it by enabling access

Following are the steps involved in this process:

Make a new folder in the hosting computer.

Share your New folder and set windows to get entry permissions to share company files.

Copy the .qbw file into the new folder.

Lastly, open your company files in multi-user mode.

Edit your Host file

  • Open the Run dialog box by holding down the Windows + R keys together.
  • Open Command Prompt by typing “cmd” and pressing Enter.
  • Then type “ipconfig /all” and hit Enter to run the following command.
  • Write down the Host Name and IP Address somewhere. You need to repeat the procedure on all computers with multi-user setup.

Edit the windows host file

  • Go to the Start menu and shut down QuickBooks.
  • Now browse to the following address on this PC:

C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc or C:\Windows\Syswow64\Drivers\Etc.

  • If you cannot locate the Windows folder in This PC, follow the steps to find hidden files and folder in your PC

To view hidden files, click on the View tab and then on Hidden items.

  • Right-click on the Hosts file and select Open With Notepad.
  • Enter the IP address and computer name in the appropriate fields. Don’t use the space bar to separate the IP address from the computer name.
  • Once these changes have been saved, re-open QuickBooks in multi-user mode.


Use the following methods to resolve your Quickbooks error H505, if your problem still persists, then head for the Quickbooks error support team.

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