A Quick Troubleshooting Guide to Instantly Fix QuickBooks Error 213

by erica watson
QuickBooks Error 213

Most of the errors that a QuickBooks Desktop user encounters are related either to the company file or the program itself. These general errors can easily be resolved by implementing basic troubleshooting and using commonly used troubleshooting tools. On the other hand, some errors which are related to the internal QuickBooks data can only be resolved with rigorous efforts. One such error is QuickBooks error 213, which occurs because of the corruption in the internal QuickBooks data and throws an error message that reads “Error 213 Error: Verify Name list. Duplicate name encountered. Name: Mighti USA Records 892 (553) and 891 (554). To fix, edit this element in the list and change its name. Details: List: ‘Name’, record name: ‘Mighti USA’, List: ‘Name’, record name: ‘Mighti USA’.” If you are also dealing with a similar situation and need an instant fix, keep reading this article and become an expert in resolving the error on your own.

Resolving error 213 might require expert assistance as this error is directly related to the company data. Reach the experts by dialing QuickBooks Technical support number 855-856-0042 now 

Let’s Discuss the Reason why you get Error Code 213 in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. The first and the primary reason, as we have already discussed in the intro of this article, is the corruption of the company data’.
  2. Another reason for getting the same error is not running QuickBooks Desktop with administrator rights.

These two, as mentioned above, are the primary causes for the occurrence of QuickBooks error code 213. Next in this article, we will learn how to fix this error quickly with easy to follow troubleshooting solutions.

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Quick Solutions to Rectify Error 213 in QB Desktop

Solution 1: Repair the Corrupted Company Data using the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility

  1. Run QuickBooks and close the company file that is previously opened in it.
  2. Click the File tab and move your cursor to the Utilities drop-down menu.
  3. Once the drop-down list with some options appears on your screen, click the Verify Data option.
  4. This will verify your QuickBooks data for any corruption.
  5. If the corruption in the company data is found, you will get an option to repair it.
  6. Click the Rebuild Data option when it pops up on the screen and let the Rebuild Data tool repair the corruption in the company data.

Retry to perform the same task that you did earlier to see if repairing the corrupted data fixes the error.

Solution 2: Run QuickBooks with Administrative Rights to avoid Permission Issues

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop if it is running on your system and right-click the QB Desktop icon that is available on the desktop screen.
  2. Select the Run as Administrator option and when prompted, enter the login credentials of the admin account.
  3. Check if running QuickBooks as an administrator resolves the error.

If you still can’t fix QuickBooks error 213 using the solutions mentioned above in this article, you must check your QuickBooks Desktop for installation issues. For more help rectifying the same, reach QuickBooks Desktop technical support at 855-856-0042.

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