Proven Team Management Strategies for Project Managers

by Annie William
team management strategies

Being a project manager is very demanding as you have many deadlines to meet, clients to attend to, track multiple resources, and a team that needs to be managed properly to achieve timely project completion. Managing such things can be quite overwhelming. Here a robust task management software can be a helping hand for managers to make team management simpler and more rewarding. 

However, managing a project team is not a child’s play. Professional and personal development are the key requirements for effective project management. And developing personally and professionally is a time-consuming process. So how to tackle the dynamics of effective team management as you progress further as a project manager?

In this blog post, we have put together a list of effective techniques to manage a team that you can put to practice to ensure effective team management.

Efficient Ways to Manage Teams for Project Managers

Team management is an important skill to learn for project managers. Moreover, you need to inspire and empower your team members by exhibiting impactful leadership. Good team management skills can ensure you that the potential of team members is being utilized to the fullest without making them overwhelmed. Such skills can assist managers to motivate their team members to achieve continuous improvement.

In addition to this, you need to set clear objectives, have clear communications, oversee performance, and facilitate teamwork while adjusting workload to get the most out of your resources. This also means seeing issues and resolving them before they become problems that sidetrack the project.

Here are some effective ideas to manage your project teams in a better way –

1. Map and Align Goals

You need to adopt effective time management methods for effective team management. Also, you need to assign timelines to a particular task or subtask. You should link your employee’s individual project deadlines to weekly goals. Moreover, you can use an advanced task management software to align individual project timelines.

A task management app can facilitate you to assign a dues date to every task and sub-task. Also, you will get a notification when the due date is nearby. Moreover, a project management tool can also track the project progress in real-time. 

You need to create a key objective that defines the project scope. In addition to this, you should ensure that it is aligned with your team’s objectives. So that each member knows to relate their individual objectives to the overall project goal. Otherwise, they could steer in opposite directions.

2. Manage Conflicts

Managing project teams consists of managing professionals with different skill sets. Personalities, interests and experiences. When professionals with diverse mindsets come together, conflict erupts within the team. A majority of professionals have reported occurrences of conflicts within their teams.

Managers need to handle such conflicts tactfully and neutralize differences that prevail among project team members. In this case, project managers need to take everyone’s perspective to view the conflict from some other point. Moreover, managers need to identify points of disagreement and agreement within the team. 

Apart from this, project managers need to act as a mediator if the conflicts become more serious. Also, it is essential for a team leader to remain neutral and not take the side of anyone.

3. Focus On Delegation

Project managers are responsible to delegate tasks to team members according to their expertise and experience. However, team members are allowed to experiment in other domains if they want to gain further experience. One way to implement task delegation is to appoint team leaders who get to interact with the employees on a more personal level and understand their strengths better.      

Other than this, you need to focus on the professional development of employees. It is the most effective team management technique that is closely associated with task delegation. This technique will assist you to maintain a close relationship between you and your teammates.

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4. Support Valuable Feedback

Feedback is an integral part of any professional environment. Therefore you need to nurture an environment of healthy feedback exchange within your team. You need to praise your employees and give them constructive criticism in case of any shortcoming. 

Apart from this, you need to take care that your employees are not hesitant to share their feedback with you. As a result, you can get the right feedback at the right time which can eventually lead your organization towards growth.

Concluding Lines

Using technology is not a strategy but a tool that can assist you to implement all of the above approaches with unmatched convenience. Also, you will get the opportunity to efficiently utilize the available resources and shift towards a cross-platform tool with convenient operations.

A cloud-based task management software is everything you need to stay on top and manage your project teams more effectively while working remotely. If you’re looking to switch to project management software, you can consult a reputed solution provider.

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