Partial Loss Auto Insurance: What is it and What to Do?

by Alex Musk

Do you have questions about auto insurance partial loss ? To explain what configures this situation and what you need to do to trigger assistance and have your problems resolved faster, we have prepared this content.

Take the opportunity to better understand the subject and be well informed:

Auto Insurance Partial Loss What to Consider?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is what a partial loss auto insurance means 

This type of occurrence is practically any incident that happens to the vehicle and causes some damage or malfunction, without rendering it unusable.

This also means that it is damage that does not make repair unfeasible. This unfeasibility, on the other hand, is mainly due to the value, which, when it becomes close to the cost of the vehicle itself, does not compensate for the repair.

Partial losses , therefore, are those that are simpler or moderate, in which the value does not exceed 75% of the car’s value. In these cases, the recommendation is to fix it. 

Look at the policy and the amount of the deductible

When something happens to your car, it is important to consult the policy, see the coverage you have contracted and the amount of the deductible. But it’s very important, to speed things up, that you’ve read and informed yourself about all this before, essentially when hiring. 

It is worth remembering that when hiring you can choose the coverage you want to have. The most basic insurance usually only covers theft or damage to third parties. This is quite flexible, according to every need and pocket. 

There are those who are in doubt between insurance or tracker , or those who already contract insurance with a tracker too, for example.

But it is highly recommended that you also have crash coverage, as having the money to repair it yourself can be quite difficult. The deductible, in turn, is usually much lower.

In the case of third parties, the deductible is not charged. That’s why it’s so worth having this type of coverage. After all, it is a guarantee that the affected person will be promptly assisted and you will not have to bear the costs out of your own pocket. 

For coverage of damage to the vehicle itself, there are different types of deductible , with the chosen one being defined at the time of hiring.

Can I choose my preferred workshop? 

Once the problem has happened, it’s time to move on to the solution. You must file the incident report and call your insurance company for assistance. 

The accident will be evaluated and the vehicle will also be inspected by specialists. 

As for the workshop, there is a forecast from Procon, the consumer protection agency, which guarantees that the insured can choose the one he prefers.

However, it is important to point out that some insurers already define that the workshops must be accredited. Before signing your contract, you will be able to see this information, if it exists.

The indication of accredited workshops, however, is a good sign. For the consumer and for the company, this can be a good way to send the vehicle to a place that is already trusted, previously checked, and that will not cause headaches in the repair process, which generates confidence for both parties.

What values ​​will I pay? 

Finally, perhaps one of the biggest questions that are bothering you about partial loss auto insurance is the amount you will have to pay.

As mentioned, it all depends on the franchise. In case of partial loss, as opposed to total, the deductible is required. If the repair costs less than it, it’s worth doing without claiming coverage.

If you want to “split the costs with the insurance company”, you pay a part (example: R$ 2 thousand and the insurance company R$ 3 thousand, depending on how much this deductible is), without having to pay the entire amount, which can weigh much more.

But be aware: some insurance works with the so-called fixed deductible. Therefore, it is valid to understand in the hiring which the deductible is foreseen. When it is fixed, regardless of the repair, you always pay the same amount.

The important thing is that you don’t run out of insurance. Take advantage of all the facilities nowadays, such as the online inspection & estimator, to ensure your protection.

So, have you been able to better understand how the procedures work in the case of partial loss of auto insurance ? How about quoting now?

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