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Mortgage brokers, the best mortgage advisers

by Lisa Baker

Know what a mortgage broker is and what are the basic characteristics that it must have to provide you with quality advice.

One of the purposes of most people at some point in their life is to buy a property, either to live in it or as a business, that is, to buy a house or apartment to rent . 

According to information from Forbes , 9 out of 10 Mexicans want to buy a home, but a large percentage cannot do so due to lack of financial resources. But also one of the reasons that slows down the purchase of a home is the ignorance of the credit options applicable to the real estate sector.

What is a mortgage broker ?

A mortgage broker is an independent company or agent whose purpose is to be a communication bridge between people interested in acquiring a home and the different banks, in order to offer the best mortgage credit option and facilitate the process.

Mortgage brokers are here to advise you on housing and give you the information you need to become the owner of the house of your dreams. In addition, they will accompany you throughout the purchase process.

Before hiring a mortgage broker, make sure they have the following characteristics that are essential for them to provide the best service.

The 5 characteristics of a good mortgage advisor

Experience in the mortgage market

The experience of the mortgage advisor you hire will be your best guarantee that you will get the best options on the market.


In a mortgage broker, honesty is essential to answer all the doubts that the process of obtaining a mortgage loan can generate without taking advantage of the situation and giving wrong information.

Constant training

The world evolves by leaps and bounds, so brokers must constantly train and stay informed to always offer the best alternatives in the real estate market.


Have the best technology that allows them to carry out all the processes in a fast, easy and effective way, such as CRMs .

Support from recognized financial entities

Being backed by recognized entities can be sure that there will be no real estate fraud; on the contrary, it guarantees us that everything is being done in a legal and correct manner.

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