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It’s the near future (isn’t it always?) and Johannesburg (South Africa) is the first city to adopt robotics in law enforcement. The police boats are an immediate success, but their creator Deon (Dev Patel) is far from happy. He’s working on an artificial intelligence program that he hopes will give the robot a conscience and make it as human as the next. Watch all your favorite related to entertainment on mkvmad without any cost.

Police try to hijack robots and programs

Deon’s colleague Vincent (Hugh Jackman) has also designed a police robot, but his robot is abandoned and dangerously jealous; elsewhere, a gang of criminals owes a lot of money to an even more fearsome gangster. In an attempt to hijack the police robot and program it to work for them, they end up kidnapping Deon and his abandoned robot from the factory to test its artificial intelligence. He gives them the robot and installs the AI to get visiting rights to test it. Chappie (Sharlto Copley) is initially as blank and innocent as a child, but he learns quickly.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform

Deon wants to put his humanity to the test, the leader of the ninja gang (Ninja) wants to blow up his childhood and prepare him to fight for himself, and Yo-Landi (Yo-Landi Visser) soon takes on the role of mother to him. Much of the film is devoted to Chappie’s learning and growing up under the influence of these three controversial teachers. Chappie learns how to make art, how to be a tough gangster, what a promise is, and gets a bedtime story.

With a more convincing heart

We see so much behind Copley’s character; he moves and sounds the same, and Copley gives a powerful interpretation of the naivety, genius intelligence, and mischievousness of a child of his time. Sharlto Copley pleases no one. No one does it better than Neill Blomkamp. His latest film work is more reminiscent of District 9 than Elysium, which does a lot of harm. Chappie returns to the unique sci-fi world of J-burg and presents an interesting premise, but backs it up with a more convincing heart than Elysium, and Chappie seems less pretentious and more in character.

At least not as much as you would expect

There’s no shortage of speculative AI films, but this one manages to break new ground and I found it surprisingly entertaining and enjoyable. I started with low expectations, given the film’s poor reputation. I can understand why people might be disappointed, because ‘Chappie’ isn’t as much of a thriller as it sounds – or at least not as much as you might expect. Apart from a few minor quibbles, the film has only one major action scene at the end and otherwise spends a questionable amount of time in the land of sentimentality. I wasn’t bothered by this.

Impressive intense and violent images have a profound effect

I was attracted by the wonderful themes that aren’t true in reality but are undeniably compelling in fiction. The film makes sense and is also very clever. When there is action, it is satisfying and makes up for what was missing when Chappie was playing with puppets, for example. Chappie is appreciated for his assertiveness and violent style with an age rating (the film also contains language elements, and it is easy to cut out the “brief nudity” with VidAngel’s tool). The film’s action is impressively intense and the violent images have a strong impact.

It gets its point across and there’s a lot of interest in it

Although the script takes us slowly towards the end, both in terms of plot and character development, this slow start can be forgiven because the film knew where it wanted to go and got there the way it wanted to. And while it can be criticized for being silly, sentimental, or bizarre at times, it gets its point across and has a lot of interesting things to say.

I was there to be entertained by the winner

I didn’t fall in love with this film like I did with District 9, but it didn’t leave me disappointed and disillusioned like Elysium. I was there to be entertained by the triumphant duo of Blomkamp and Copley, and I was, and I stayed, and as a bonus, I stayed to think for a while afterward. There are multiple series you can watch to kill your time and have a long-lasting impression on your mindset. You can watch serials of all time and the best movies on moviesverse. Visit today and grab the best movie to watch to spend quality time this weekend.

I found the story interesting

My enjoyment was a little variable, but in the end, I found the story engaging, the characters clear and unique (not just Chappy, but especially Chappy), and the story elegant and memorable. Chappie is a notionally successful story about a robot coming of age.

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