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Why You Need Miami Car Accident Lawyer – AJK Legal

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Car accidents are quite overwhelming. In the US, crashes are among the leading causes of death and serious injuries. Every year, around 50,000 accidents happen just in Miami on average. Regardless of how cautious you are while driving, chances of yours are quite high to be involved in an accident at least once in your lifetime.

Reason For Car accidents in Miami?

Miami is considered one of the dangerous states in the US for car drivers. Belligerent drivers, crowded roads, and a growing number of vehicles on cars are some of the reasons for the risen number of car accidents in Miami. There are few more reasons for car accidents such as:


While every collision is different, speed is frequently a limiting factor. According to a recent study, speeding is responsible for over 30% of all auto accidents.

Cell Phones

The increased usage of cell phones in the past few years has given a significant rise in car accidents because of distracted driving. Using the phone while driving not only distracts the driver but also puts his or her life at risk. Phone usage while driving has been listed as one of the most serious threats to driver safety and also responsible for a significant percentage of vehicle accidents.

Drugs and Alcohol

Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is considered among the deadliest causes of car accidents in Miami.

Night Driving

It’s difficult to recognize and react quickly to hazards on the car when visibility is low. The likelihood of being involved in crash increases as a result of this.

Bad Climate

Miami has a tropical monsoon climate and each year, the city receives a lot of rainfall. Because the cars become slippery during the rainy season, there is an increase in traffic accidents during the rainy season. The inability to navigate severe car conditions can also lead to a crash.

Why do you need to hire a Miami Car Accident Lawyer?

If you have been the victim of a car accident done by someone else, resulting in serious physical injuries, mental and emotional distress, and serious financial loss such as medical bills, loss of income, and even loss of future earning ability, you deserve substantial compensation from those responsible. But now the question arises how can you get that claim?

Let us tell you very honestly that getting compensation without the help of an attorney is very difficult, or not even possible these days. Even you file a claim on your own, there are fairly high chances that you will not get fair compensation. If your case happens to be in court, it can take months or even years (if there are appeals) for a case at trial to reach a verdict. Only a good and experienced attorney specializing in personal injury and car accident cases will be able to help you obtain fair compensation.

Contact Miami Car Accident Lawyers for Free Consultation

By contacting a Miami car accident lawyer, you can maximize the settlement or compensation you receive. For a free consultation, contact us today.

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