Memory Foam Pillows: What You Need to Know about Memory Foam Pillows

by Stefanie Fuller

Are you having a hard time falling asleep? Do you frequently wake up at night? Then replacing your conventional pillows with memory foam pillows may fix your sleep woes. The latter is an ideal alternative if you want to achieve ample head and neck support, which in turn, can help you improve your sleep quality together with your overall health and well being. How are these possible? You ask. Read the succeeding paragraphs and find out for yourself what makes memory foam pillows worthwhile investments. 

What are memory foam pillows?

In simple terms, memory foam pillows are pillows that are made from polyurethane, a kind of plastic that is found not just in pillows, but also in mattresses, sofas, insulation materials, and so on. They got their name from the fact that they can alter their shape even under pressure; then retain their original shape after the pressure is gone. Because of this, it enhances head and neck support and in the process, facilitates sleep by improving blood flow. 

The evolution of memory foams 

Also, it is important to note that memory foam technology originated during the 1970s, with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) doing research to achieve a material that would protect astronauts from injuries that were caused by gravitational pressure from lift-offs. The first generation of memory foams had durability problems and flaked and cracked. Because of the said issues, the agency decided to abandon the project. 

Fast forward to the 21st century and memory foams are not just more durable, they are also softer, further depleted body heat, and come with improved air flow, among others. 

What are the other advantages of memory foam pillows?

  • Relieve pain and discomfort 

Memory foam pillows are helpful when it comes to relieving pain and discomfort on the head and neck pressure spots. Older pillows have a tendency to lose their cushion overtime, which may fail when it comes to proper support on the said areas. With these things in mind, memory foam pillows are great options if you’ve spent a significant part of your day in front of a computer and yearn for that long, restful, and relaxing sleep. 

  • Resistant against dust mite

Memory foam pillows come with a visco-elastic structure that are basically dust mite proof. This is crucial if you are sensitive to allergic symptoms that occur during bedtime. 

  • Cost efficient

In general, memory foam pillows are priced a bit higher than conventional pillows. But if you factor in their lifespan and the health benefits that they deliver, it is safe to say that you may end up spending less. 

Summing up

Memory foam pillows are just what the doctor ordered if you want to achieve the sound and restful sleep that you yearn for without spending a significant amount of money. Because of the wide array of benefits that they bring, it is no wonder the popularity of the said pillows has risen over the past years. 

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