Make your own customized book boxes within 8 easy steps

by Dylon Donnelly

Usually, the customized book boxes are used by book publishers to ship books and by schools or colleges. You can also use them to organize your books or magazines at home. For this purpose, you can design them at home without any inconvenience. It only requires a bit of creativity. Follow these 8 easy tips to make them at home.

Gather essential supplies

One of the first steps to make the custom boxes to organize the books is gathering all the essential supplies that will aid while making them. One of the first steps is choosing a substrate to make them. Solid cardboard sheets, linen cardstock, or bux board are very durable and flexible materials. You also need the masking tapes to bind the flaps together. A paper for the printing of the stickers is also required. Moreover, gather useful tools like a knife, scissors, pencil, and a computer printer to print the stickers or other required information.

Take the measurements

Grab a perfect material for the measurements that could hold the weight of a number of books you want to keep in the box. Usually, a solid cardboard sheet is very effective for this purpose. Check the different book boxes designs from the internet and select an easy one. Box with two flaps is a perfect option. Place all the books in a standing position over the sheet and draw the lines for the spine by leaving some extra space at the sides. Similarly, place a book to draw lines for the side flaps and the other two sidebars.

Cut and arrange pieces 

Before moving to the next stage, make sure that you are crafting a box for the same size books. You can get a separate one for small size books. It is now time to cut the pieces for the cardboard book boxes. Grab the knife and follow the lines you have drawn during measurements. Make sure that you have put a mat under the area to avoid scratches over the table or floor. Cut the total of 5 pieces by using the knife or cutter carefully. Try to remain outside the lines while cutting the pieces. 

Tape the pieces together

The next stage is connecting all the different parts of the cardboard sheet to get the custom printed boxes that you have already crafted by cutting with a knife. Place the spine in the middle and then place the flaps at both of its sides. Put one flap on the right side and one on the left side. Similarly, place the other two thin sides to connect the flaps perpendicular to the spine. Tape all 5 parts along tightly. Ensure that all the sides and edges are also covered with the masking tapes. Try to do it while putting the books at one flap and binding them by folding over the second one. 

Create the cover pictures

Now your box is almost ready, but it needs to get embellished with some attractive cover images. They will increase the elegance of your printed book boxes. You can display the list of books inside the box or can classify it for a proper arrangement. A meaningful cover image will also provide an elegant look on the shelves. Use the internet resources to get the free high-resolution pictures that would not get distorted on getting printed. Use attractive and catchy colors in the artwork.

Print and paste the artwork

After getting your cover images ready, grab the printer and the pages you have kept for the printing process. Do not forget to use sticker paper so that you can easily paste them onto the sides of the printed book boxes. In case you do not have the special sticker paper, then you can also use the common paper or photo paper. In such a case, use the glue to paste them over the flaps. Leave a sufficient space from all sides.

Apply spine and other stickers

You also need to get the stickers for the spine, top, and bottom of the custom boxes to give them a professional and engaging look. It will also hide the masking tapes that you have used to bind the different parts of the box together. You can display the book information on the spine sticker as well for the easy identification of the books. Place the spine sticker carefully by bringing the text in the middle and cut the extra piece if it is coming over the artwork. Similarly, display the top and bottom stickers by leaving them blank.

Paste the front and back stickers

Remember, you have not pasted the back sticker yet. Try to display some sort of motivation lines on this sticker. You can do the same for the front sticker if you have not designed any cover images. Bring your custom printed boxes forward and apply stickers onto the front and backsides after removing the backings. Trim all the additional parts or ensure that all the additional stickers are labeled inside. You can use the glue again if the stickers are not sticky enough. Now put your books in them and place them at a prominent place.

These were simple steps to follow for making the attractive book boxes at home. Such a customized, attractive solution will increase the aesthetics of your study room and will keep books organized. All these materials do not cost higher, and you can follow the same steps to make several boxes in different sizes.

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