Maintain Grain Quality During Harvesting With Case IH Combine Series

Since time immemorial, agriculture equipment is being utilized in farms for the cultivation and harvesting of crops. The farm producers utilize several varieties of agriculture machinery and tools for smoothing out the entire farming procedure and making the harvesting easier. Whenever a farmer heads on towards the field for harvesting, the ultimate aim is to leave it with the best quality and highest yield of grains. The new case IH combines series incorporate the innovative automation system which assists farmers in hitting their targets efficiently. The Case IH combine series harvesters are the technically advanced and modern tools that have been specifically developed for harvesting an enormous area of crops in an efficient manner.

The Case IH combine series is technically the most advanced & automated

The ultimate aim of this particular Case IH combine series is to carry out the maintenance and preservation of the grain quality during the harvesting job. There is the widest array of axial flow series combine that cater to the most precise requirements of different types of grains. Owing to mechanical simplicity, Case IH Combine Series comprises of fewer moving components in comparison to the conventional designs. This makes it quite simple to operate, extremely reliable with minimum maintenance cost.

Maintenance of case IH combine series is easier and affordable

Since the service point of this new and innovative series model could actually reach out from the ground itself or within a single step, thus this entails the maintenance of the combine quite easily and affordable in comparison to other models. The case IH incorporates the widest array of the combine for meeting the precise needs of unique harvesting operations. From header to even the spreader, the products are developed for carrying out the preservation of more than 134-grain varieties, increasing the efficiency of harvesting operations.

Handle control of all harvesting operations by using case IH combines series

Since the product features the modern, legendary single rotor technology with the combination of the cross-flow cleaning process, this leads to an increase in the capacity of grain handling, leading to the production of more high-quality grains. The product is capable of fully optimizing the quality of grains, savings along with an improvement in durability and reliability even in extremely demanding weather conditions. Through the introduction of extremely powerful, innovative, and highly efficient combines, Case IH has definitely been assisting out the agriculture producers to handle the control of several crucial harvesting operations and become ready for the harvest during this season and also for many seasons to come. Thus, the Case IH combines series imbibe the built-in performance, safety standard service, and at the same time reliability for making the entire harvesting procedure easier and highly convenient for the farmers.

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