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We have prepared this exclusive content especially for you who want to understand the main types of USPS Insurance for a Franchise Post Office.


A franchised post office is a public service delegation, granted by means of a bidding process, to a legal entity or company consortium that demonstrates the capacity for its performance, at its own risk and for a specified period as determined by law .

This partnership with franchised post offices has, undeniably, a dynamic and quality to meet the local needs of customers.

They are also responsible for generating revenue to fuel their cash flow, with a low level of risk.

It is for this and other reasons that you should maintain adequate and comprehensive insurance from your franchised post office.

With that in mind, we have prepared this content for you to reflect on the risks and how to mitigate them by taking out business insurance for your franchised post office.


Let’s start by answering a frequently asked question: How much does insurance from a franchised post office cost?

The price of complete insurance for a franchised post office, on average, costs less than a cup of coffee a day, and can cost less!

The variation in the price of insurance for a franchised post office occurs depending on the region, fire protection, contracted coverage and, mainly, by the maximum indemnity value depending on the investments you made in the facilities.

Therefore, the price will always be tailored allowing it to fit in your pocket.

To get an idea of ​​how much insurance will cost your franchised post office, you can request a free simulation or contact our experts.


1) Business Insurance for Fire, Lightning and Explosion for Franchise Post Office

We have already talked about the efforts necessary to carry out your activity and that, therefore, even a successful business is not without risks.

So, consider what eventualities do happen and you need to be prepared for them.

In fact, every year, many entrepreneurs have their assets damaged or lost as a result of events completely out of control and predictability.

Therefore, it is important to include fire, lightning and explosion insurance in your financial planning. With it, you can protect both the damage caused to your stock, as well as structural damage to the property.

Learn more at Business Insurance .


2) Civil Liability Insurance for the commercial operations of the Franchise Post Office

Every company faces certain liability risks that may arise from its business operations or on its premises.

Here are two examples that will convince you of the importance of having civil liability insurance for your Post Office:

2.1) A fire caused material damage to neighbors who were affected by the fire, or smoke or by the fire department’s containment actions;

2.2) A customer with reduced mobility falls into the agency because the floor was wet or slippery.

In either case, people may be injured and need medical care. They may also cause material damage or loss to third parties.

Liability insurance will cover medical expenses as well as other claims in the event of a lawsuit.

It can also prevent you from upsetting third parties, because instead of arguing about what costs you are or are not willing to pay, for damages you caused or not, you will count on the insurer’s help in guiding the matter, including in agreements extrajudicial proceedings, to determine what happened and what the course of compensation should be in cases of compatibility and consensus.

Learn more at Civil Liability Insurance for your Business Operations .


3) Employer’s Civil Liability Insurance

The employer’s civil liability insurance for its Franchise Post Office is a legal protection in cases of accidents during work that, unfortunately, caused the death or total or partial disability of an employee.

Similarly, it also guarantees accidents during the journey to and from work, when the trip is carried out by a vehicle owned or hired by the company.

It will also cover civil court costs and attorneys’ fees appointed by the company, when the indemnity is covered by the Agency’s insurance.

Learn more about Employer Liability coverage .


4) Insurance for theft or theft of goods and merchandise from the Franchise Post Office

Theft or theft insurance of goods and merchandise from your Post Office is an extra layer of property protection that goes beyond the most common insurance policies.

With it, you will guarantee compensation for qualified theft or theft, including night burglary when the property is closed.

However, the Theft or Theft of goods and merchandise insurance excludes third-party goods and merchandise in the possession of your Agency.

Learn more about the Theft or Qualified Theft of Goods of Goods insurance .


5) Flooding or Flooding Insurance

There are numerous damages and inconveniences caused by floods and floods, generally related to the accumulation of rainwater without the existence of the necessary means for its flow, as a result of an urbanization process without adequate planning.

When a flood or inundation occurs at a Post Office, it is common to cause damage to furniture, electronic equipment, stock and other objects and articles on site.

Learn more about flood and flood insurance .


6) Windstorm and Hailstorm Insurance at the Franchise Post Office

With it, you will guarantee compensation for material losses and damages directly caused to the property by wind, hurricane, cyclone, tornado and hail, including when it causes the roofing of the site.

It will also guarantee the expenses arising from measures taken to reduce damage, expenses for salvage and protection of assets and the removal of rubble on the site.

Learn more about Windstorm and Hailstorm insurance .


7) Insurance for Expenses with Installation in New Location

It will guarantee the expenses with the installation in a new location, for events covered by the insurance that make it impossible to use the Agency, even when temporary.

Inevitably, in some situations, it may be necessary to carry out works, placing windows, counters, frames, other installations and moving freight, so that your company can have a new equivalent point.

Learn more about New Location Expense insurance .


8) Riots, Strikes and Lock-out Insurance

It is an insurance designed and designed to guarantee the replacement of material damages caused to your Franchise Post Office, in case your employees go on strike or during the joint action of people who disturb public order.

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