Launch a Bike Taxi Management Software and transform transportation

“Four-wheelers move the body, two-wheelers move the soul”, goes a popular quote. Undoubtedly, cabs occupy a lot of space on roads and lead to heavy congestion of vehicles. Mobility is a new trend in the on-demand transport industry. Trained drivers can zip through the lanes in a quick time. Entrepreneurs can offer a viable alternative to cabs by coming out with Bike taxi management software

What are the highlights of a Bike Ride-Sharing App? 

Driver Dashboard – It contains information about the daily trip time, expiry date of licenses, names of riders, photos, and their work experience. The admin of the Bike taxi management platform can also hire new drivers and modify the commission rates based on the demand from passengers. 

Fare calculator – Transparency is the hallmark of a two-wheeler management platform. An automatic fare computational tool will swiftly share the total ride bill. Importantly, the travel cost will depend on factors like the average time for drivers to move from 1 location to another, the demand from users, and weather conditions. 

Accordingly, customers can pay the required amount to the registered riders. The automobilists will receive their payout (daily, weekly, and monthly) by linking their 

Fleet management tools –  As a transportation platform expands across cities and towns, monitoring the fleet of vehicles is crucial. A Bike ride sharing app will keep control over the fuel consumption, maintenance timings, and schedule of individual motorists. 

Real-time tracking of automobiles – No motorcycle will go missing when they are attached with a Global Positioning System (GPS) and a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The admin will know the routes where the bikes are travelling. This will prevent the loss or theft of the bikes. 

Wrapping Up

“If you provide good alternatives for public transport, you won’t have any traffic problems”. The on-demand transportation sector will be valued at $304.97 billion by 2025. Techpreneurs can use this lucrative opportunity now, get bike taxi management software from an app development company and get more revenue.

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