Kumon – Academic development beyond

by Ayush Khanna

With the introduction of various after school programmes and extra-curricular activities, it is important for parents to focus more on their child’s overall development. Choosing the right after school programme for children can be a task for some parents. It is crucial for parents to observe their kids’ daily activities and hobbies so that they can be enrolled in the right after school programme.

There are after school programmes  that are more focused towards extracurricular activities and on bringing out the creative side of children like music, dance, sports, art and craft. And there are some programmes that are more inclined towards the growth and development of children on the academic front by making their basics clear and creating a strong foundation for them. Nowadays, early childhood education and after school programmes have become the need of the hour. It is the duty of parents to look into various programmes and activities and select the best one that fits best for their kids.

Kumon is an after school programme  that majorly focuses on enhancing the literacy and numeracy skills of children starting from an early age. We help children find out their potential and focus on their weaknesses while working on their strengths. We have the best programmes for every age group of children. We focus on instilling confidence and the art of self learning among the kids so that they can explore new things and techniques on their own.

Why Choose Kumon?

Every parent wants the best education for their children. Kumon understands the importance of education in every child’ life.

  1. Gaining literacy skills- The Kumon Reading Programme focuses on instilling critical reading skills that will help your child throughout their lives. We provide daily reading worksheets so that children can gain the maximum advantage of this programme. We let children work at their own pace, mastering every concept of the literacy skills. We aim at building and creating a strong foundation for your children by getting their basics clear. Our programme includes pre-reading skills, vocabulary building activities, grammar and punctuation, sentence building and many more.
  2. A hold on numeracy skills- The Kumon Maths Programme helps build a strong foundation of Mathematics or numeracy skills. We know the importance of Maths in a child’s academic syllabus, we focus on accelerating important mathematical concepts and skills. By engaging children in interactive and colourful worksheets, we help children understand the difficult concepts and formulas of mathematics. Our programme includes counting, number sequence, solving equations, graphs, multiplication, division and higher level of calculation and concepts as well.
  3. Virtual Classes- As we all know, the situation of the whole world right now. Everyone’s working online through their computers and laptops. We also introduced virtual classes for children who couldn’t manage to come and attend the classes so that none of them fall behind academically. Similar to our physical classes, we observe each and every student, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses. We give proper guidance and assistance to children who need our help. Kumon believes in sharing feedback of the child’s growth and development to the parent so that necessary steps can be taken.
  4. Carefully designed worksheets- Kumon worksheets cover everything, starting from number sequence to trigonometry and from reading to sentence building. Our main focus is on the growth and development of each child by providing them relevant and engaging worksheets. We review your child’s progress and make individual adjustments for them as well so that none of the students is left behind.

Before starting the Kumon Classes, we offer orientation for parents so that they can understand how we work for the progress of children. We are different from passive learning courses and programmes as we help children develop the art of self-learning and critical thinking. For more information, visit our website.

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