John Deere Rotary Combine: All You Need To Know

by Estes Concaves

There’s no tool or machine more effective than the John Deere Rotary Combine when it comes to harvesting crops. This innovative piece of machinery has taken care of countless acres of crops for decades, and with new features in each new model, it’s sure to become an even more integral part of the farm equipment market. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the John Deere Rotary Combine, from its history to its present-day capabilities, so you can make an informed purchase when the time comes. Let’s get started!

History of John Deere Combines

John Deere has been a pioneer in construction and farming equipment for generations. It has grown into one of America’s largest construction equipment companies from its beginnings as a blacksmith shop. They have designed and built hundreds of models of tractors, combines, tillers, mowers, snowblowers, and other products. John Deere’s famous combines began in 1954 with their first rotary combine – Model B.

Different Models of John Deere Combines

John Deere combines come in several different models and is designed for specific purposes. The key is picking one that matches your needs. John Deere combines fall into three main categories based on size, with new models introduced each year. Though they are not all available in all markets, even smaller farmers can now get their hands on a brand-new combine.

What is John Deere Rotary Combine?

A John Deere rotary combine is a type of combine harvester, one of several pieces of farm equipment used for harvesting. John Deere rotary combines have been in use since the 1950s and are found on many farms worldwide. Unlike other types of combines those separate seeds from harvested crops by shaking or flinging them out, a John Deere rotary combine separates harvested crops by pushing them through a cylindrical rotor; seed and plant matter is separated out in a process similar to straining gravy through a sieve. Some farmers enjoy using John Deere combines because they are more efficient than other types of combines and typically yield higher crop yields overall.

How Does It Work?

The John Deere combine machines are a combo of a field cultivator and a harvester, basically doing two jobs at once. After cutting grain, it also separates out soybeans or corn stalks from other plant matter and then lays them back down in rows for easy collection. Grain is collected into a bin at waist height while waste material is left on top of the soil, where it acts as a natural fertilizer for later use. After cutting, gravity moves materials into one of two bins positioned at either end of the combine. If one bin fills up before all plant material has been processed, it automatically switches over to take advantage of the remaining space in another bin.

Best concave system for your John Deere Rotary Combine

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