Job interview video: what it is and what opportunities it can offer you

by Alex Musk

The job market is highly competitive and attracting the best talent is increasingly difficult. The recruiting process requires financial resources and time but, however accurate, does not offer certainties. The Recuriting video interview could be the right solution to cut costs and guide the choices towards the best candidates.

It is an increasingly widespread recruiting method , both because of the health emergency, and because of the considerable economic and organizational advantages. Video interviews speed up the selection process, make it more flexible and, at the same time, offer an excellent candidate experience. And all this will also have a positive return on the image of your company.

So, how to structure an effective video interview? What other benefits can it offer you? What are the limits? That’s what we’re about to find out.

The characteristics of the video interview

Nobody wants to hire the wrong candidate. But, a lack of time and resources can lead to poor evaluation. It is a real risk, which always brings unpleasant consequences. Video interviewing can minimize this risk.

We are in the 21st century and we all have a minimum of familiarity with new video technologies . But, exactly, what is a video interview?

It is an interactive interview between a Human Resources manager and the candidate, which can take place using tools such as Skype, Zoom or other similar platforms. What you need is a common device connected to the internet, a webcam and a microphone. Nothing more. It may seem obvious to explain it but, in reality, their use can vary, because it is possible to create two types of video interviews :

  • deferred – the Human Resources manager records a video to be sent to all candidates. He introduces the company and asks potential new employees to introduce themselves by answering a precise list of questions, through an online questionnaire or with a video. This type of video interview allows you to make a first comparison based on the same presentation format and to make a first selection.
  • online – classic job interview, but transposed online, for which the Human Resources manager carries out the interview live. It is more effective than the deferred interview, as it allows for a more accurate assessment.

What is missing in the video interview is direct contact. Many useful details, particularly in the context of non-verbal communication , are lost due to the narrow frame of the screen. This is why it is not a substitute modality, but a complementary tool to the face-to-face interview . You should use video job interview as a means of pre-selection, as it is at this stage that it offers the most benefits.

7 advantages of the video interview: recruiting in the age of the internet

Ignoring the new technologies and opportunities offered by the internet is no longer possible. The online video interview allows you to enhance your recruitment strategies and increase your chances of hiring the ideal candidate.

The benefits are numerous for those who work in the HR field, but also for job seekers. We have selected seven. Let’s see them together.

# 1 Video interview reduces distances and simplifies selection

When they arrive, the CVs all look the same. You may feel like you can make a decision by tossing a coin: heads or tails.

The video interview instead gives you a clear picture of the people behind the resume. You can make a more careful selection of the people you think are suitable for the face-to-face interview and increase the chances of hiring the right candidate.

Furthermore, the video interview breaks down distances and allows you to evaluate candidates who are currently far away, perhaps in another country. In some sectors, where remote work is possible it becomes a decisive way of hiring.

# 2 It cuts down on wasted time

Especially in large companies, organizing the job interview agenda can turn into a nightmare. The online video interview allows you to optimize the time available and not exceed the schedule.

In fact, thirty minutes of interview may be more than enough, as fatigue and physiological decline in front of a screen impact more on performance. Therefore, the trend will be to make the most of the time available, without going further.

# 3 Video interview cuts down on selection costs

Interviewing fewer people face to face means optimizing time, reducing costs and making the selection process more streamlined and efficient. Using video interviews also saves 50% of time in the screening process. How much does one hour of your time cost you? It is easy to calculate significant savings in the search and selection process.

Plus, if you reduce the pre-selection time for each candidate, you can meet more and increase your chances of finding the best talent to hire.

# 4 The video interview allows you to reach the best candidates

No run-up to candidates to fix appointments. The times for organizing online interviews are more streamlined and this allows you to see all the candidates, without running the risk of losing the best ones due to logistical problems. Not only that, with an online recruiting process it is easier to contact and involve candidates who have not proposed themselves, but whom the company wants to attract to itself.

# 5 Eliminate biases that stand in the way of staff selection

In fact, video interviews help to create a standardized and impartial process that reduces the risk of bias in the decision-making process. The chances of selecting the ideal candidate will be greater. With video job interviews you bring order to chaos . Manage all candidates in one place, you can review responses, take notes and rate a person along with your recruiting team.

Finally, break down geographical constraints and attract distant candidates who best represent the solution to the vacancy in the company. Reduce tedious administrative work and greatly simplify recruiters’ lives.

# 6 It improves the candidate experience

The video interview puts the candidate at ease, reduces the tension and stress due to possible hitches on the schedule. Delayed vehicles, strikes, parking that is not found, are problems that you can eliminate. The candidate will be able to focus on the interview without distractions and offer the best of themselves.

Hiring is a two-way street : Recruiters want to avoid hiring the wrong candidates, and at the same time, candidates want to avoid joining the company that’s not for them. Using the video job interview helps you show corporate culture and provide the information candidates need to make decisions.

# 7 Enhance the corporate image

Using innovative methods in the recruiting phase and offering an excellent experience to candidates helps to improve the perception of the company. After all, employer branding is a fundamental building block for your business strategies. If you want to learn more, in this article you will find a detailed study: Employer Branding, what it is and why it is important for companies .

Video job interview and administration contracts: make your hiring strategies more effective

The video interview is a great way to evaluate candidates remotely. Simplify scheduling and make it easier for recruiters by reducing the time spent on screening and evaluation. Help find the best candidates faster and reduce costs. It is therefore an innovative recruiting strategy that you shouldn’t overlook.

Of course, it does not replace the “face to face” interview, but it streamlines the selection phase, as it allows to “filter” the people most suitable to fill the open role.

To hire the right people, the search process must be lean, flexible and efficient. A pre-selection phase can be decisive, while hiring with contractual forms, such as temporary work , can offer you further advantages:

  • carry out a video interview with candidates already selected by the employment agencies;
  • hire qualified staff, who you can field test before deciding if it is right for your business.

However, you must be able to find employment agencies that can meet your needs and can guarantee you advantageous contractual forms. Deine Group operates as a human resources broker , precisely to accompany you in this selection process. We monitor the temporary employment market and look for the best solutions for your company.

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