Is There Racism in The Tattoo Industry?

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This one question itself raises a trail of questions ahead. What do you think about racism in the tattoo industry? Have you faced it once? Well, people are facing extreme racism in the tattoo industry and some of them are just trodden by the misconceptions. Just scroll down and you’ll get some insights into what exactly is happening in the tattoo industry and what are those misconceptions in the name of racism that dark-skinned people are facing.

Tattoo Are Being Ignorant Towards Darker Skins

Black people are facing distress in the tattoo industry as well. Although tattoos for dark-skinned people is nothing new, but we couldn’t ignore the fact that they are being literally tolerated for their presence in tattoo studios. People with dark skin are subjected to whitewashing prior to display their artwork on social media. In fact, the most desirable color for showcasing their tattoo artwork is lighter skin.

The Problem Lies in The Proper Training of Artists

The whole process of the artist’s tattoo training needs some amendments. During the initial stages of training, artists are given lighter skin shades to let them practice and easily see every small detail. But unfortunately, as they finish their training, they bound themselves only to lighter shades. To properly showcase their work, they avoid tattooing on darker skin. According to them, it takes a lot of additional hard work to create a contrast that better stands out on their skin.

 Here’s The Misconception!

People with dark skin color often take it in terms of racism, that in fact is not if we go through what artists have to say about the dark-skinned people. According to them, people should understand the reason why artists are usually preferring to showcase their artwork on lighter skin. It is because different skin colors have different needs. Each skin tone has to be given attention differently.

Artists are actually not being an all-rounder in case of putting their efforts on darker skin and therefore, they are discriminating clients who are not a perfect fit for their ideal tattoo canvas.

Why Is This Happening?

To understand the reason for racism in the tattoo industry, you have to understand the working process of tattoos. To create a tattoo on your skin, a sharp needle has to move quickly penetrating your skin and distributes the ink pigments in the deeper sheets of the skin. As you’ve gone through the step of tattooing, your skin starts healing. Your body breaks down the ink and this causes your skin to rise and give a 3-D look. It then coats and dries completing the healing process. It takes a month for the tattoo to completely heal.

After healing the artists’ check whether the tattoo requires any touchups or not. This process goes the same for everyone regardless of skin color. An artist with little or no experience on the darker skin will produce a tattoo with the final result blurred. In such a case the tattoo will lack all the necessary detailing. This is the reason why artists prefer to showcase their skills on lighter skin.

What Artists Have to Say

Tattoo artists are of the thought that diversity is not in their hands. They just need to get a canvas in which they could showcase their skills without any hurdles. Moreover, working on darker skin takes a lot of expertise, training and experience.  

Isn’t There a Solution for Tattoo Racism?

There definitely is a way to get extremely detailed and fantastic tattoos on darker skin. There’s no doubt in the fact that all skin responds differently to inks and actually alter the end result of the tattoo. Artists should stop turning a blind eye towards this fact. Moreover, they should be trained in tattoo artwork on multi-shade skins instead of using only lighter tones. Tattoo Design Inc. will free you from this fuss, as you will a perfectly detailed tattoo no matter what your skin color is.

They should be trained on how tattoos could look great despite the skin color. All they need is to give attention as per the color and size. In addition to that, they should stop discrimination on the basis of ‘color that does not fit their ideal canvas for tattooing’ and become an all-rounder for all skin colors.

Here’s one more thing that tattoo artist should consider to diminish the air of racism in the tattoo industry. They could offer color tests to those with a dark complexion. This will allow them to see which color heals best on that particular skin so they may plan a tattoo for that color. This will also allow the new world to get displayed on darker skin.

Final Thought

The tattoo community should clear up the mess and chaos of racism. They should train the existing and new tattoo artists to gain expertise working with multi-shade skins. Black people should also get a chance to enjoy tattoos without facing any ignorance or chaos with tattoos that are beautiful and detailed just like those with lighter skins.

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