Is cloud hosting suitable for bloggers? Benefits

by Navico Soft
Cloud Hosting

Are you a blogger thinking about switching the hosting platform or web hosting, or have you just started blogging? You must be looking for the best hosting for you in 2022. Probably, you will be thinking about cloud hosting too. However, ‘is cloud hosting suitable for bloggers?’ is the most avid question so far. So let’s dig in to find out about the viability of Cloud Hosting in Pakistan for bloggers.

Cloud Hosting

It is a hosting type that uses cloud resources that use internet resources to store and access digital data like websites and apps. Also, the site or app is hosted using a number of interconnected servers. Therefore, cloud hosting offers high-end flexibility and scalability of the resources on the user demand.

Data is stored on a single server and machines’ hard drives in traditional hosting. Therefore, cloud hosting has more uptime reliability, fast hosting performance, data security, no data losses, etc. Also, in case any disaster happens to one server, there is no fear of the website going down.

Should bloggers use cloud hosting?

The one-line answer to ‘Is cloud hosting suitable for bloggers’ is an absolute ‘Yes.’

Blogging is more like a diary-style text sharing and uploading, whether formal or informal. So bloggers usually deal with discussions, forums, and informational websites on the internet. So whichever is the entity, if it deals with the internet, it needs a hosting environment to trigger its appearance on the world wide web. The hosting resources will store the blog/ site data.

However, bloggers have to opt for daily posting to keep in line with the users and welcome the traffic. Frankly speaking, this web traffic can be fewer visitors to a huge volume.

Nonetheless, a large number of bloggers start with shared hosting due to being easy to control and blog setup. It is also less expensive; for instance, the lowest plan starts at $2 per month.

Cloud hosting, no doubt, is expensive than shared hosting (the most affordable hosting ever). However, it suits best with blogs that receive huge traffic on a daily basis. In and out of peak season, you can scale up and down the resources depending on the data and the visitors/ traffic. With the PAYG model, you will only pay for what you are using. Conversely, shared has limited resources, so increased data can exhaust your server resources and even slow down your blog loading speed.

That eventually has a negative impact in terms of user experience. Also, users don’t wait and leave the site immediately. So cloud can fit best here. So bloggers can seamlessly get on with the cloud if they worry that ‘is cloud hosting suitable for bloggers.’

Still and all, we have briefly compared all types here to provide you with a better idea.

Cloud Hosting vs. Shared, VPS, Dedicated 

Many bloggers are already using different hosting depending on their needs. However, cloud hosting is relatively very different from traditional web hosting types, such as shared servers, VPS servers, and dedicated servers.

The latter three are the traditional hosting stances. The first is shared hosting, which is a server shared by a lot of users. Also, it is suitable for small businesses and startups with fewer traffic and data resources needs.

The second is the VPS, which is still shared but among limited users and offers more virtualization. So each user has its own dedicated space on the server, and it suits all mid-sized and growth-progressive businesses that look for flexibility and scalability. Last is dedicated hosting, where a user is the sole owner of the server with complete control over the resources and management.

It is the most expensive hosting. For all these types, you buy a plan, and the inclusive features are available to you. If users want, they can opt for additional hosting features and resources. However, they can’t remove the already inclusive features from the plans whether they are or will use them or not.

On the other hand, cloud hosting offers flexibility and rapid scaling of resources. Also, as already said, you will pay only for the resources you will use and for the specific time only. All these features of cloud servers make them suitable for bloggers.


So if you are a blogger and reading this post, then you can confidently register for the cloud server and streamline your blogging without any downtime and blog availability hassles. Navicosoft can be an ideal choice for buying Cloud Hosting in Pakistan. The services come with managed mode, root access, robust security, automated backups, and so forth.

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