iPad Repair: Can a Service Centre Make My Bricked Device Work Again?

Your iPad is a great mobile gadget. It is like a mini-computer, enabling you to perform your work efficiently, prepare your presentation, communicate with others, play games, capture your memorable moments, and entertain yourself. So, seeing it in a brick state is likely to make you anxious. You can do a few things at your end to make your iPad working again. And, if you fail to do that, you can take the help of technicians at a service centre for iPad repair. They have the know-how needed to solve the bricked iPad puzzle.   

A bricked iPad means your device has stopped responding to inputs; it has become unusable. It might look like it has become an expensive junk piece, and you might have to invest in a new device. Well, do not be in a hurry to say goodbye to your iPad. First, follow these steps to solve the issue.       

Charge iPad Battery

You might be unable to turn on your iPad because of its old battery, which might be near the end of its life. Apple products feature lithium-ion batteries, and these are consumable items. They have a limited lifespan. After a few years of using your device, its battery will begin to drain faster than usual. So if you see that your iPad is lifeless only a few minutes after charging it, plug it in and let it charge for a while again. After that, if it starts working again, you have determined the problem and found the solution. The problem is the old battery, and you can solve it by replacing it. Visit a service centre that can do excellent iPad battery replacement in your city.        

Reboot iPad

If the bricked state of your iPad is not because of its old battery, then try to reboot it. This step solves a lot of issues, and it may revive your device also. First, you need to remove the case so that it becomes easier to press the buttons located on the side of the iPad. Now, press the Home button and Power button together for 30 seconds or until the Apple logo appears on the screen. In case your iPad does not have the Home button, quickly press and release the Volume Up button and then quickly press and release the Volume Down button. After that, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears. If the logo does not appear after 30 or more seconds, you can assume that reboot is not the right treatment for your bricked iPad.  

Use iTunes  

Do not be disheartened if the reboot process failed to make your iPad work. You still have the option of using iTunes to bring it back to life. Here is what you need to do: Ensure your Mac or Windows PC has the latest version of iTunes > Connect the iPad to the Computer using a USB cable > Open iTunes on the Computer > Find and Select iPad > Select the Summary Tab > Tap on the Restore iPad option. After you do that, you might be able to use your device again.    

If none of the steps work, and your iPad continues to be unresponsive like a brick, then you need to look for a reliable and safe service centre for iPad repair. There are likely to be several reputable third-party centres in your city. Visit the one that has these qualities.  

  • Focused on iPad repair: Always remember that your iPad is not another tablet. It is a mini-computer and an Apple product. So its issues cannot be solved by technicians who excel in tablet repair. Look for a service centre that focuses on fixing iPads only. It will have the equipment and the expertise needed to handle a whole range of iPad-related issues. So its technicians are most likely to know how to revive your bricked iPad.
  • Team of Experienced Technicians: It requires considerable experience to accurately determine why your iPad is not working and then restore it to its pre-bricked excellent state. Never make the mistake of handing over your precious device to someone who has just started repairing iPads.  
  • Right Diagnostic and Repair Tools and Genuine Parts: The service centre that you choose for your iPad should have Apple-approved diagnostic and repair tools and genuine Apple parts. Without them, it is not possible to repair damaged iPads. 
  • Offers a Warranty on Repairs: If a service centre offers a warranty on its repairs, it shows that it is confident that its technicians will fix your iPad right the first time. And it is most likely to have the resources needed to handle bricked iPad.      

Final Words

For iPad repair, visit a service centre that has a proven track record. You can determine the service quality of a service centre by reading its online reviews.

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