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by Arun Nath
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The Western state, California, is home to some of the world’s famous cities and sites. There is Los Angeles, which is the home ground of Hollywood. There is the Golden Gate Bridge, Universal Studios, and the largest outdoor amphitheater. California is known for its expensive and luxurious living standards. While commodities like housing and transport may be the priciest in the country, there is some good news when it comes to the internet services available in the state.

You will find a huge number of internet providers in CA who are providing generous internet services in the state. Industry-leading names like AT&T, Spectrum, Xfinity, and Mediacom in CA are very popular and readily accessible in most parts of the state.

California is ranked as the 13th most well-connected state. This means that the digital gap in California is actually lower than most states, and average internet speeds and availability may be higher as well.

More than 70% of Californians have access to a stable internet connection. Some of the state’s best-connected cities include Manhattan Beach, where almost 100% of the residents have access to an internet connection. Currently, there are over 70 internet providers in CA. But to help you shortlist and choose only the best internet providers in CA, here is a quick overview.

Internet in California

Here is a quick overview of the internet services and availability in California

Types of Internet Connections

  • Fiber

About 35% of Californians can enjoy high-speed fiber optic internet.

  • DSL

More than 90% of Californians have access to DSL internet.

  • Cable

Cable internet is available to about 94% of the residents.

  • Satellite

71% of the state has satellite internet.

Number of Providers Available: 180+ internet providers in CA

Cable Internet provider with the best coverage in CA:

AT&T is the largest internet provider in California, with their DSL footprint alone extending to approximately 71% of California households. The provider’s growing Fiber network covers approximately 17% of the state.

Next comes Spectrum, the second largest cable internet provider in CA. It has coverage of about 50% in the state. Its most dominant services are in Los Angeles. You can get affordable internet plans, with maximum speed tiers going as high as 1 gigabit.

Xfinity has the 3rd best internet coverage in CA with footprint constituting around 34% of the state. The download speeds of Xfinity cable internet plans range between 100-1,000 Mbps. Its internet plans start from $19.99/mo.

Average Broadband Speed: 92.6 Mbps

Highest Broadband Speed CA: 187.7 Mbps in San Francisco

Best Connected Cities in CA: Manhattan Beach, Fullerton, San Francisco, California

Worst Connected Cities in CA: Santa Barbara, San Jose, Roseville

Internet Providers in California

Here is a sneak-peak into internet plans from some of the top providers available in California:


Xfinity in CA
Internet connection type Cable
Maximum download speed 1200 Mbps
Starting price $29.99/mo.



Internet connection type Cable and hybrid coaxial-fiber
Maximum download speed 940 Mbps
Starting price $29.99/mo.



Mediacom in CA
Internet connection type Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial
Maximum download speed 1000 Mbps
Starting price $49.99/mo.



Spectrum in CA
Internet connection type Cable
Maximum download speed 1000 Mbps
Starting price $49.99/mo.



AT&T in CA
Internet connection type DSL, Fiber, IPBB
Maximum download speed 1000 Mbps
Starting price $35.00/mo.



Suddenlink in CA
Internet connection type Cable
Maximum download speed 940 Mbps
Starting price $39.99/mo.



Earthlink in CA
Internet connection type DSL and Fiber
Maximum download speed 1000 Mbps
Starting price $49.95/mo.


Check out the providers available near you and order the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that speeds, prices, and connection type may vary depending on your exact location.


Out of many large and small internet providers offering services in California, AT&T and Spectrum internet have the best coverage and availability for small online business and for home. Xfinity is also a great option for those residing in California. There are some cities like Santa Barbara that have a slight digital divide and can be poorly connected when compared to cities like Manhattan Beach. Overall, California is a well-connected state that lets its people enjoy high speed internet, with an average speed of about 92.6 Mbps.

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