Instant Processes to Successfully Eliminate QuickBooks Error 15276

by Mark Williams
QuickBooks Error 15276

You receive the ‘15’ error series in QuickBooks whenever you come across a payroll update error. One such similar technical glitch is the QuickBooks error 15276. It even displays a warning message that says, “Error 15276: The payroll update did not complete successfully. One of the company files to be updated was in use and couldn’t be replaced”. Thus, let us have a look into this matter in more detail in order to get rid of it effectively and instantly.

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Primary Reasons That Provoke the Payroll Update Error Code 15276

If you want to gain an understanding of what really causes the issue to arise, then read the following enlisted points-

  1. One or more third-party applications might be stopping you from updating the payroll service that you have subscribed for.
  2. Some issues with your QuickBooks Desktop can also give rise to the error as it might have been corrupted.

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Two Most Effective Debugging Methods to Overcome the QuickBooks Desktop Error 15276

Go through the following methods if you want to learn different ways of resolving the issue-

SOLUTION 1: Download and Install the QuickBooks Desktop After Enabling the Selective Startup Mode

  1. First of all, to open the system configuration window, you must access the ‘Run’ dialog box by hitting the ‘Windows + R’ keys.
  2. Enter the term ‘MSConfig’ and hit the ‘OK’ button.
  3. After the window appears, move to the extreme left and tap on the ‘General’ tab.
  4. Under the tab, click ‘Selective Startup’ and ‘Load System Services’.
  5. Next, jump to the ‘Services’ tab and checkmark ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’.
  6. Hit the ‘Disable All’ button and deselect the ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ checkbox.
  7. Now, you must ensure that the ‘Windows Installer’ checkbox has been checkmarked.
  8. Click ‘OK’ and choose ‘Restart’.
  9. Once you enable the selective startup mode, install your version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  10. At last, make sure to switch to the normal startup type again.

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SOLUTION 2: Install the QuickBooks Tool Hub Application to Make Use of the Quick Fix My Program Tool

  1. Begin to perform the solution by downloading the newest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Next, save the file that you just downloaded. Make sure to download it to a location where you can find it instantly.
  3. Moving forward, you are now required to install the program.
  4. To do that, go ahead with following the on-screen instructions and checkmarking the appropriate checkboxes to accept the terms and conditions.
  5. After it gets installed, start the Tool Hub and hit the ‘Program Problems’ menu.
  6. Next, choose ‘Quick Fix My Program’ to scan for the problems and fix them completely.
  7. Finally, open your QuickBooks Desktop and update the payroll service.

This blog on QuickBooks error 15276 will definitely help you remove the problem permanently. If apart from the info we have provided here, you require any additional help, reach out to the team of certified QuickBooks professionals at 1.855.738.2891.

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