Improve Marketing With Automated Outbound Calling: Check How

by Niti Sharma
Outbound Calling Solution

Every day, how many client numbers do you end up dialing?

For the sales team, it is a recurring activity to dial client numbers just to inform of new offers, follow-up, or close a deal. Any business that is in communication with at least 50 clients finds it difficult to conclude this outbound activity. It is a consistent effort! They need to keep track of follow-ups, check which customers can benefit from new offers, and resolve customer queries.

With an automated calling service, it takes seconds to auto-dial a call, delivers the information, and improve productivity by a significant percentage. An automated calling service simplifies the sales lifecycle and allows representatives to cater to user demands effectively.  

Let’s evaluate the ways an automated outbound call improves your marketing ROI.

How to Improve Marketing ROI With Automated Calling Service?

From the ability to track outbound conversions to control the experience of your existing and potential customers, an automated calling service improves a lot of processes of your business. As a result of this, you can enhance marketing ROI.

1. Better Conversions

When a customer calls, agents are expected to offer them a converting story. However, sadly, customers have heard these stories so many times. They need unique, personalized messaging. For this, you can automate outbound calls with details of users. We already know user demographics and requirements, according to which conversations can be modified. This personalization helps improve conversions and lead generation.

2. Simple Call Status Management

When unguided human interactions are involved in outbound calling, call status is often unknown. With an automated calling service, you can use auto-dialers to deliver information. Once the call is concluded, call status, such as issue resolved, callback, or busy, can be updated in the database for further action.

For example, it is easier to immediately detect and add a busy call to the data. This automated outbound call can be queued to the last to handle it again.

3. No Callback Hassle

If calls have been marked with the status of callback, the automated calling service is equipped to remind the agent of the same. They don’t need to make a sheet and keep following it. They can simply follow up with notifications and schedule the callback according to customer needs. This allows agents to attend to the needs of users on time and reduce the hassle/time spent on this manual task.

4. SMS Service Integration

If you are already using an SMS service for your outbound calls, you can integrate this service into your automated calling service. This will allow you to make follow-up calls as well as send a message to the customer to remind them of the purchase. Since you are leaving an SMS along with a call, there are higher chances of conversion. Hence, better ROI!

5. Improve Follow-Up Pipeline

Many times, aging leads keep piling up in our database. With an automated calling service, we take up these leads and follow-up to convert and close a deal. Deliver some information or offer with an automated outbound call for increased ROI.

6. Filter Outbound Calling

It is amazing how you can always filter your outbound calling with the help of an automated calling service. Based on your customers, target group, demographics, and choice, you can filter your calls and messaging, which will help you convert more customers easily, quickly.

7. Controlled User Experience

When you automate outbound calls, you are also able to use regional languages for greetings. People are highly attached to their regional languages, and connecting with them in this language has an everlasting impact.


An automated calling service is designed to streamline your sales pipeline. Whether you need to follow up or improve user experience, you can automate outbound calls for complete user satisfaction. However, for this, your automated calling service provider plays a major role.

Knowlarity is a cloud communications provider offering automated outbound calling. Not only the service enhances your communications, but it also improves your conversions, sales, and marketing ROI. Check more about the service on the website and get a quote now!

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