Important questions to ask your CCTV camera installer

Have you been thinking about installing a CCTV camera? 

Whether you’re using it for your home or business, the best way to get started is by working with a CCTV camera contractor

This offers an even greater advantage if you’re not tech-savvy. Improper installation or choosing the wrong CCTV system may only cause inconveniences later on. 

That said, here are a few questions you should ask your CCTV camera installer beforehand:

Is this CCTV camera compatible with our system? 

Do you already have existing security technology? 

May it be software or hardware, you’ll want to be sure that it’s going to work with your new CCTV camera. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to switch to a new device down the road. 

Having to purchase, install, and set up everything again can be a tedious process. If you’re using the CCTV system for your business, that could potentially mean hours of delay to your operations. 

To avoid these situations, always verify device compatibility with your CCTV camera contractor

What type of camera are you installing? 

CCTV cameras can either be IP, analog, or HD-TV. The most common option in the market right now is Internet Protocol or IP cameras. 

CCTV systems equipped with this camera can capture high-resolution videos, allowing you to catch important details clearly and at once. They usually come with several features too. 

For example, you can choose one that offers 360-degree coverage or health check assistance. Your system will also be able to record and transmit data seamlessly to a network system. You can cover what used to be blind spots in your space. 

Most importantly, it’ll most likely be easier to introduce your CCTV to your existing system.

Will the CCTV system be beneficial in specific scenarios? 

Have you already experienced break-ins before? Is theft common in your area? 

Think of reasons why you wanted to install a CCTV camera system. Then ask your installer if their product will be able to help should those situations occur. They may be able to recommend appropriate products and services. 

You probably also wanted a camera that produces photos or videos you can present to the authorities during investigations. 

Of course, as much as possible, you’ll want to avoid these circumstances. But in case they happen, you can feel a little at ease knowing you won’t be empty-handed.

Do you offer a warranty? 

Don’t forget to ask this question to your CCTV camera contractor

Installing a CCTV system is a significant investment, especially if you’re looking at ordering several units and covering a wide area. 

Aside from the warranty, confirm if they offer after-sales support. You’ll want immediate assistance should any issue occur with your cameras. 

Choose a reliable and trusted CCTV camera contractor

Partnering with a trusted CCTV camera installer is a smart way to start boosting residential or business security. Before proceeding with the installation, get to know your contractor and see if you’re a good match. Chances are you’ll be working together for a long time, and you’ll want your experience to be smooth-sailing.

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