Importance of Boot Sanitizing Stations

by rebeccatyler384

You know that washing your hands and keeping a social distance has become mandatory for ensuring your health and safety. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, everyone is taking precautionary measures and doing everything to stay safe from this virus.
Many businesses and offices have installed sanitization systems and provide masks to visitors and employees.
However, what the majority of people do not know is that there is another virus carrier which is your shoes. One of the primary reasons why maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters across the world is because when someone sneezes, the droplets fall rapidly on the growth and what is more interesting is that the droplets can travel in the air up to 4 meters.

When the droplets land on the ground, anyone who walks over it becomes a carrier and transfers the virus to other places through the shoes. Some studies have proved that viruses can spread from floor to floor. It all increases the need for footwear sanitizer.

Shoe Sanitization Aids in Reducing Microbial Spread

When coronavirus disease prevailed in March 2020, people became much more conscious of the germs they got and transferred to others all around the day. They began to wash their hands more frequently, wear masks, and clean surfaces more repeatedly. But the soles of our shoes are one main area which we miss out on in our sanitizing routine.

Sanitizing your shoes is essential to prevent the transfer of covid-19 and other deadly diseases. Many hospitals and offices have boot sanitizing stations to prevent the spread of viruses from shoes.

Shoe’s Role in the Microbial Spread

As you all think, the virus particles, germs, and microorganisms land on the ground. Subject to certain organisms, these microorganisms could remain on the surfaces for days or weeks.

We could take precautions like wearing masks while going out, washing and sanitizing our hands to prevent ourselves from touching surfaces, but we cannot avoid our feet touching the floor. When you walk on the ground, those virus particles and microns stick to your shoes.

Obstacles In Shoe Sanitization

When there are germs on our hands, we apply hand sanitizer on our hands or wash them. To remove viral particles from our clothes, masks, and linens, we wash them, so why is there a distinct deal for shoe sanitization?

Most of the shoes are not washable. You cannot throw them in a washing machine. You also can not spray them with antiseptic. That is why you should have boot sanitizing stations in offices, buildings, and commercial places.

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