If I erase my old iPhone will it affect my new phone?

by jamesmiller

When you are about to sell old phones you need to follow certain steps in order to wipe off the data from your phone. If it is an iPhone then you have to be extra careful while deleting data and cleaning your phone before you sell it. This article will help you understand the procedure you need to follow before erasing data from your old iPhone and getting a new one. In the following paragraphs, we will mention a few ways in which you can erase the data from your old iPhone without affecting your new iPhone.

If you wish to delete data from your old iPhone, you need to backup the data on an external drive, cloud storage or computer. The backup will save you from losing the information completely and you can then sell the old iPhone easily. If you have the data backup on an external drive or iCloud, it becomes easier for you to access it on the new iPhone through the cloud. The backup ensures that there is no loss of data while you change the phone and hop on to a new iPhone. However, if you miss out on backing up the data with an alternative source, you might lose the data and it will never be recovered once you Sell Old iPhone.

After you are done with buying a new phone and also with the data backup, the question that pops up in your mind is where can you sell the old iPhone? We have got an answer to this question of our readers. Cashify is one of the safest and most convenient platforms to sell old phones online. Cashify offers its customers a doorstep pickup service and instant cash for their old phones. The procedure of selling phones at Cashify is also very simple as you just have to answer a few questions regarding your phone’s condition, schedule a pickup as per your convenient time slot at home or even at workplace and collect your instant cash on pickup of the phone. You also receive a genuine bill of sale and in case you forget to wipe off the data, Cashify does it for you. When you Sell Old Mobile Phones At Cashify, everything happens as per your comfort which is a great benefit for people with busy lives.

If the above article has helped you take a backup of your iPhone’s data and your phone is ready to be sold, then there is no better platform than Cashify. All you have to do is go to the Cashify website and follow the above mentioned procedure in order to sell old mobile phones with utmost safety and convenience. Get your instant cash by selling an old iPhone and also there is no need to worry about any scams or fraud at all when you have Cashify to help you with the same.

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