Huawei is reborn but will it be enough? (A user’s perspective)

by kiss anime

The current situation that Huawei is going through is a mystery to no one, a brand that in a few years has positioned itself in the market in a remarkable way, competing “from you to you” with the best brands in the market in the technological field. Huawei has been trying to reinvent itself since the commercial blockade it had with the United States in order to maintain its position in the market and, thus, not lose the ground it has gained in recent years. Let’s see what solutions it has given and how efficient they are for the cons. Watch kissanime

Huawei is using the Huawei app gallery as an application store. An application store that is growing rapidly, but today, with the arrival of the new P40, is it enough? Not in my opinion. None of the Google applications is in this store, nor are many of the social networks that are currently used at least in the Western Hemisphere.

HMS Apps

There are several solutions that Huawei gives for this issue. First, when you search for an application that is not in the app gallery, Huawei gives you a link where you can download an APK (Android Application Package) to download the application, so you can find some of the Apps, but not all, the The problem with this is that even with this download, in the future you will not be able to update the applications, you would have to download a newer APK.

Second, when entering Huawei’s internet browser there is an item, which is like another application store where you find a little more apps to download, even so, you cannot download Google’s. The most common way to get the applications on your new Huawei, is with the Phone Clone application, which we have a video on YouTube explaining the process, but like the previous cases, there is a block to use Google Services.

In my opinion, although these processes are not very difficult, you must have a medium-high knowledge of Smartphone to perform them correctly. On the other hand, it can be a bit annoying to have to go through these processes before you start using your new cell phone.

In my opinion, as a student, Google Services are really important to be able to carry out many of my university projects, for this reason, I believe that the new P40s and Huawei cell phones that come out from now on are for a fairly specific audience. I’m sure they must have a very good camera, a very good autonomy and a very good performance, but to what extent is that going to be enough to continue at the level and position in which they came?

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