How VMware horizon training helps you to gain skills in VMware Horizon® Cloud Administration Console

by samishanegi

Remote working is the new age trend. In the current times, multiple employees of an organization work remotely, but they do need access to the desktop and applications within an organization to stay connected. Now the challenge here is that accessing the systems from multiple locations increases the threat of intruder attacks. Moreover, it is also challenging to manage the operations this way. VMware horizon training solves this issue.

VMware Horizon is the VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) product, using which the administrators could manage the virtual machines seamlessly. Now, the virtual machines will run as the physical servers in the organization. Moreover, the people working from remote locations will have access to them. The best part about this product is that the administrator can decide the type and level of access an employee can get.

All about VMware horizon

As mentioned earlier, the VMware horizon is an infrastructural product that lets the administrators create virtual desktops and applications and share them with their employees. The idea is to run or route these virtual machines through a physical server in the organization for a managed and secured environment. All of this works from a single control panel, and the administrator has the right to create and deliver the virtual desktops whenever the need persists. The process is quick and highly secured; the only thing is that the administrator managing these operations needs to take up the VMware horizon training.

How does the VMware horizon help?

There are countless perks that this VDI product has to offer. The benefits that this virtual desktop infrastructure offers are different for the administrators and the end-users.

For Administrators or the organization

Deliver Desktops in real-time

With different components of the VMware horizon, the administrator can deliver or share the virtual desktops and applications to the users in real-time. It will only take few seconds to clone the physical desktop into a virtual one and deliver it to the location decided.

Streamline the tasks in a manageable way

As every virtual machine gets managed by one physical server in the organization, they do not need a dedicated security system. VMware horizon takes care of the security, reliability, and access control, managing the tasks seamlessly.

For end-users

Personalized experience

The virtual desktop is designed for specific employees. It gives a rich, personalized feel to the end-user. At the same time, as the desktop is connected to the physical server, there is no issue of restricted access.

Undying Desktops

The hardware devices are prone to theft and accidents, which can lead to productivity issues. But such is not the case with virtual desktops. You get uninterrupted access that doesn’t have any fear of threats or failures.

There are countless other benefits of VMware horizon, which is why many IT professionals opt for VMware horizon training.

VMware horizon training objectives

The key objectives of the training program are:

  • To make the professional familiar with the features and their benefits.
  • To train the professionals in creating virtual desktops and applications and send them across employees at remote locations.
  • Configure, manage and integrate the pools of virtual desktops through one physical server.
  • Constantly monitor the environment of the horizon and ensure that every server has a proper connection.
  • Plan and discuss how horizon can enhance productivity and help improve the scalability of the organization.
  • Introduce the professionals to various security options available on the horizon.

Anyone taking the VMware horizon training can create, integrate, and manage different servers at varied locations. Moreover, an individual, the administrator, in this case, gets the added perks as he becomes an asset to the organization.

In the end, it is fair to say that an IT professional who wants to add up to his skill set and open doors for better job opportunities should definitely consider taking up the training. To be the certified administrator of VMware horizon, one has to sit for the exam and get the certification after clearing it successfully.  Different educational platforms provide module-wise learning of the horizon. They offer a planned training of about four to five days which every working professional can do. Only be careful about choosing the right training course, as whether you get the certification or not depends solely on that.

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