How Use Of Android Spy App Can Accelerate Employees Work Speed

by jonasroe12

Our organization has decreased the number of employees reporting to the office due to covid protocol. Thus some of the team members work from home and others come to the office on alternative days. At first, everything was good and we all were satisfied with the outcomes and daily routine. But as time went by some of the members started acting like sloppy colleagues and skipped work. Especially the junior employee and the intern. At first, it was ignored by our senior team members and the team leader. But with time things started to get out of hand. The last week’s incident was like the last nail in the coffin. We had important submission it was a deadline and everything was pretty much finalized by everyone. The night before submission we were being told that one of the junior employees has lost the system and we need to do the work again. That was so unprofessional of him that he did not save a backup copy and for the record that work was supposed to be done 3 days before the submission.

We are were so upset and mad. We the senior one along with the junior employee did an allnighter. It was one long night and a stressed one but thankfully we submitted the work in the morning. We slept after the submission the whole day and night. It was dinner time I remember when I got a message about meeting in the office. Well, you all can imagine the happening of the meeting but we were informed to be careful as the teamwork will be monitored through the android spy app.  Yes, the whole fiasco ended with the use of the OgyMogy android spy app, and am glad we did that. Now the work rate has been improved and all the team is efficiently and actively participating in the next project. The details of the employee monitoring feature that helps us build the team spirit are as follows.

Real-Time Screen Check:

The real-time screen check is a blessing in the employee monitoring world. One can check the individual participation of each team member along with work speed and daily, weekly or monthly progress of the employees. Make real-time surprise visits to the target employees screen and monitor their work. You can even keep yourself updated about the employee’s task by monitoring the screen activities saved in the form of short recorded videos and snapshots.

Chrome Screen Recorder:

Another thing that I have personally faced in my work life is that the internet sometimes is like the worst enemy. The diversion of the soccer game web updates or an online game can waste hours of the working hours. OgyMogy offers help for all of us and the employers. The track internet browsing feature offered by the OgyMogy lets the employer watch every website visited by the target employee during official hours. So if you are searching for an auction site during office hours or like to play online games with team members then it’s time to stop this. The employer can watch every detail on the web browser activity by using the chrome screen recorder of the OgyMogy.

Appointments Alert:

Another feature that is much required by the employer community for employee monitoring is the appointment alert feature.OgyMogy offers remote access to the built-in calendar of the target android device. Users can check the appointments and schedule of the target employee with ease. This feature saves the frustration of sudden leave or holiday plans of any target employee.

Save The KeyStroke:

The keylogging feature of the OgyMogy saves all the keystrokes applied on the target smart device. This way user gets a hold of all the important Id account information and password of the target employee’s device. The keylogging feature helps the user to track any kind of illegal sharing of confidential information or data with an outsider. One can track any spy or suspicious employee activities through the keylogging feature and can save the organization from any big data loss.

Android spy app and Mac and Windows spy app of the OgyMogy can make the employer life much relaxing and easy. You can monitor the daily work-life routine of the employees and help them in any kind of task with the OgyMogy android spy software. Just give it a try and you will recommend that to all of your work buddies.

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