How to solve Quickbooks Error 6129,0

by Abhi Jaan

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Quick Troubleshooting Guide to repair QuickBooks Error 6129,0

QuickBooks company file stores all the monetary information of a business and provides the user with a simple choice to access all the business data at one single place. At times, QuickBooks users face issues with gaps or making a brand new company file.The 6000 series of errors in QuickBooks is expounded to the problems within the company file. One such error is QuickBooks error 6129,0 that happens while performing certain actions in the application like accessing the corporate file or trying to form a brand new company file. Error code -6129, zero triggers the error message “Error code: -6129, 0: info affiliation verification failure” to show on the user’ pc screen. Follow the whole article and find out how to get rid of error 6129,0 from QuickBooks.

What’s QuickBooks Desktop Error -6129,0

Whenever a user encounters QuickBooks error 6129, 0 the error message that pops up on the screen mentions that QuickBooks is unable to verify the reference to the database. This error is triggered owing to various reasons that we’ve listed more during this article.

What Causes QuickBooks to Encounter Error 6129,0

Third-party Associate in Antivirus or anti-malware applications interrupt QuickBooks background processes that cause error code 6129, 0.

QuickBooks uses the Network file to attach to the corporate file, whenever a .nd (Network Data) file has some injury,QuickBooks encounters error 6129.

If you’ve got your company file upgraded,mistreat an account that doesn’t have physical rights on Windows.

after you try to access the company file that’s placed on a special domain within the network.

Points to think about before Troubleshooting 6129 Error

confirm to install the most recent updates of the QuickBooks Desktop application.

Restart your pc associated log in with an admin account on Windows.

try and open a sample company file to see if the difficulty you’re facing is simply there with a specific company file or the error is showing with each company file you are making an attempt to access. just in case you are obtaining the error with every sample company file, then follow troubleshooting step two and skip the primary troubleshooting step mentioned more within the article.

try ever-changing the name of your company file if the issue persists.

Steps to get rid of 6129, zero Error Message from QuickBooks

Troubleshooting Step 1: Rename Network file

From Windows File Manager navigate to the QuickBooks installation folder.

Right click the file with the .ND extension.

choose Rename and type .OLD at the top of the file name.

strive to fill the corporate file once again.

Troubleshooting Step 2: Move your Company File to a special Location on Windows to resolve error 6129, 0

Copy the company file from the QuickBooks installation folder.

produce a brand new folder on your desktop.

Paste the company file into this newly created folder.

Open QuickBooks Desktop and check to open the corporate file from this new folder.

If the matter is fixed, then it means that the folder that contains the company file is damaged, and you would like to repair the folder to induce a permanent fix.

If once more obtains constant error 6129, zero then follow the following troubleshooting step.

Troubleshooting Step 3: resuscitate Windows in Safe Mode

Restart your pc and once the system displays the boot screen unceasingly press the F8 key on your keyboard.

If you don’t get the Advanced Boot choices window, then restart your computer all over again and press and hold down the F8 key.

Once you get the Advanced Boot choices window, press the down-arrow key and choose Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter.

Log in to the admin account and check out opening the corporate file.

Troubleshooting Step 4: Verify all Workstations are within the same Network

If the pc that has the company file is found on a special network, then you would possibly face error 6129, 0.

just in case if you’re able to access the company file mistreatment the safe mode, then the error is caused by another security application put in on Windows like associate Antivirus or an Anti-malware, strive removing such applications or contact the applying supplier to exclude QuickBooks from the scan list of such programs.

A way to Tackle Out QuickBooks Error code 6129,0?

QuickBooks has invariably been the best accounting software system present within the accounting industry. This software involves several codes and algorithms, which makes it vulnerable to sure errors. One such error we have a tendency to discuss is the QuickBooks error code 6129, 0. Errors like Error code -6129, zero sometimes halt the sleek accounting work and are time overwhelming as well. This error code usually indicates that the system hosting the QB program is preventing the user from making company records or files successfully, and leads to a pop-up error message once the user tries to form a brand new company file of the software. those who may well be mistreating QuickBooks for the company’s payroll and accounting management, they may have stumbled upon the QuickBooks error code -6129, 0 a minimum of once.

If you’ve additionally encountered any such error, then this text can be a savior for you. This text contains loads of data concerning the causes and fixes to the error. The error message for this error states that: “Error code: -6129, zero: info affiliation verification failure.”

Error code -6129, 0 connected information

Error name: QuickBooks professional error code 6129, 0

Number: Error 6129, 0

Developer: grasp Inc.

Software: QuickBooks

Error description: Error -6129, 0: QuickBooks pro has encountered a tangle and desires to close. we have a tendency to be compassionate to the inconvenience.

Applies to: Windows XP, Vista, 7, eight

QuickBooks error code 6129, 0 is seen on the screen, once the info affiliation verification fails, or when the software system is wanting to access the corporate files. This really leads to forbidding the user to open the company file. This error will be a small amount annoying for the users to handle, however we are going to ease the method for you, by discussing the causes and fixes for it.

Reason behind the prevalence of QuickBooks Error -6129, zero

it’s important for the user to seek out the factors inflicting the error, so as to resolve it. So, here are a number of the foremost common causes of Error 6129, zero. allow us to have a look:

The terrible 1st reason behind the prevalence of this error is an antivirus preventative method to form a brand new company file.

Also, any broken or corrupted network files with extension .nd

Malfunction within the system operation may also result in this kind of error

Un-installation of software system may also find yourself in error code -6129, 0

Invalid entries in Windows written account are a reason behind the occurrence of this error

The error code -6129, 0 can also be seen once there is an improper system closed down because of an influence failure.

The user may also face this error if the domain of server and shopper machine don’t match.

and also the list goes on….

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6129,0

Regarding the symptoms of QuickBooks error 6129, 0, there will be some signs and symptoms which will facilitate the user in distinguishing the error. allow us to determine a few of the signs of this error:

This error code appears on the screen and a vigorous window crashes.

The system crashes with the error code, on running a constant program.

Another symptom for the same will be a sluggish window functioning to the keyboard or mouse response.

Also, if the system freezes, then this error may be identified.

Basic Troubleshooting

Before you execute the solutions we’ve enumerated below, we’d suggest you undertake some of these things first.

Case 1: The user is making a brand new company file

just in case the error has appeared whereas creating a new company file. Then the user will merely select the subsequent steps:

The 1st step is to pick exit or leave possibility, on the straightforward action interview window

And then, the user is needed to save lots of the file and additionally select affirmative option

Now,enter the various file names and also opt for the save option

just in case the ever-changing file name fails to work, then the user will strive to remodel the file location.

Case 2: just in case of gap or change the corporate file

During this case, the user has to first open a sample company file to acknowledge if the difficulty is related to the file or not. just in case the difficulty occured to all or any the corporate files, then the user has to undertake the ways enumerated later during this article

Also,the user needs to 1st log in as windows admin then perform any longer solutions.

fast fixes to QuickBooks error code 6129,0

so as to repair QuickBooks error code -6129, 0, there are multiple choices that the QB user will implement. During this article, we are going to be discussing each of the methods one by one. thus while not further ado, allow us to checkout the methods:

Resolution 1: produce another folder and navigate to the QuickBooks company files

The terrible 1st resolution is to form another folder and move to the QuickBooks company file. The steps concerned during this method are as follows:

1st of all, the user has to create another file folder.

Followed by choosing the QuickBooks company files to the new folder.

The higher step makes it simple for the user to open the QB company file in the new folder, if the user has been using QuickBooks on one system.

Moving ahead, move to the following step if he/she is mistreating a constant file on quite one system.

And then, within the method is to click on the beginning button.

the next step in the process is to pick the program’s possibilities.

Followed by clicking on the QuickBooks and choosing the QuickBooks info server manager.

Now, the user ought to click on the scan folders option.

If there’s no folder having the corporate file, then click on the Add folder option then add it.

once that, hit the Scan button.

Moving to the next step, the user is meant to click on close, once the scanning method involves an end.

The last and final step is to open the QuickBooks company file and guarantee whether or not the constant is functioning or not.

Resolution 2: Update your QuickBooks desktop to latest

To resolve this error you’ll be able to update your QuickBooks desktop to the most recent unleash version.

Open your QuickBooks desktop and navigate to the assistance menu and opt for the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

subsequently visit the Update currently tab. 

subsequently choose Get Updates to start the download.

Once the download method is completed you would like to restart your QuickBooks desktop once.

you’ll get prompted with some directions to simply accept the choice to put in the new release.

Resolution 3: shut down the Anti-Virus mistreatment safe mode

So, another methodology that one will select is to show off the anti-virus using safe mode. The steps to be distributed during this process are as follows:

Initially, the user is needed to restart the system while not ever-changing the safe mode.

Once that happens, the user is required to turn off the running anti-virus software.

The next step is to form another company file.

Now, the user needs to stay with the system within the traditional operating mode.

And then,resuscitate the system.

Once that is finished, the user is required to open the QuickBooks and open the corporate files.

The last step in the method is to see whether or not the QuickBooks error 6129, zero is showing or not.

Resolution 4: Renaming QuickBooks network information files (.ND)

The third solution for the user is to rename the QuickBooks network data files. The steps the user has to perform are as follows:

The essential step during this method is to appear for .ND files in QuickBooks.

Once that is finished, rename the file by right clicking the previous name of the corporate file then choosing the Rename option.

Moving ahead, the user ought to enter previous at the top of the file name and hit Enter.

The user will open the company file, if he/she is mistreating only 1 system. Moreover, so as to access a constant company file on varied systems, then continue with the steps below:

1st of all, click on the windows start option.

And then, hit programs and choose QuickBooks.

once that, click on the QuickBooks info server manager then hit the scan folders option.

Moving ahead, if the user doesn’t see any folder that features a company file, then the user is meant to click the Add folder to feature it.

Once that is finished, the user ought to click scan and when the scanning method is complete then shut the same.

The following step within the process is to open the corporate file and observe if QuickBooks is functioning or not.

Resolution 5: guarantee that the systems are functioning on one domain

The user ought to get all the systems on the constant domain Associate in Nursing check whether or not error code 6129, zero may be seen or not.

Resolution 6: Log in to Windows as an administrator

several times, the user would possibly encounter problems after they haven’t logged into admin. So, so as to repair the error, the user will try and log in to Windows as admin. The user is needed to undertake a gap in another company file, followed by work in windows as an admin to update the corporate file. just in case the user isn’t having an Associate in Nursing Admin login, then therein case the user ought to notice support for windows or an IT specialist for guidance.

Resolution 7: performing arts the answer at the time of simple Step Interview

once none of the steps worked in your favor, try and perform the steps below at the time of the straightforward step interview.

1st of all, the user needs to click inactive when the user is in a simple Step Interview.

once that, when the message Save the file? gets displayed on the screen, then hit Yes.

The ultimate step is to enter the file name, and click on the Save option.


QuickBooks error code 6129,0 may be seen once the user tries to form a brand new company file. However, following the explicit ways can be terribly useful to repair this bug. If the user is unable to fix this error even once following the above listed steps, then it’s better to consult some professionals who have years of expertise and expertise.

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