An Ultimate Guide to Pick the Best Jabra Headsets Online

by Aditya Kumar

A pair of headsets provide high utility for both personal and office use. Therefore, you must invest the money in the right headphone brand. When we talk about quality audio devices, Jabra headsets is a renowned name in the industry that offers top-notch build and sound quality. 

However, it is confusing to choose a pair of headphones because Jabra provides a wide range of headsets. Therefore, it is essential to pick the headphones according to personal preferences and use cases to make a good selection. To help you with your decision, we have curated a guide consisting of things that you must consider while buying Jabra headsets. So, let’s have a look at the guide below. 

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Jabra Headsets Online


Price is a crucial factor to consider while buying a pair of headsets. So, keep a check on your budget while looking for headphones online. Firstly, one should filter the results based on the price. Afterward, move further considering the other factors. 

Moreover, it is essential to maintain a balance between price and quality, to make the best purchase. It is wise to spend a few dollars extra to get a quality product. However, do not go out of bounds while spending, as you get good headsets options for every price range. 

A good approach is to figure out the features you want in a pair of headphones and accordingly make a choice. One can take the help of different websites and forums to compare headphones in a specified price range. 

Mono Vs Stereo Audio

Headphones with both mono and stereo audio functionality are available online. In mono audio headsets, the sound output is only for one ear. They are suitable for office work where the user has to take calls and talk to the other employees in the office simultaneously.

As they only cover one ear, the user stays aware of the surroundings while using the headsets. Moreover, they are perfect for taking calls while driving as the user can listen to the horn and other sounds while using them. 

On the other hand, headphones with stereo sound output are suitable for users who want to cut down on the surroundings’ sound. As they cover both ears, the users can focus on their work and avoid the background noise. Besides, they offer a comparatively better audio experience for music and entertainment purposes. 

Headset’s Range

One must consider the headset’s range if going with a wireless one. The headset’s range is the distance up to which the headphones stay connected to the respective device. If the user moves out of the range, the device gets disconnected. 

Most headsets offer a range between 10-15 feet which is sufficient for most use cases. Some headphones offer connectivity up to 20 feet as well. However, if you need headsets for corporate use, select the ones having DECT 6.0-based wireless technology over Bluetooth. It offers crisp sound with a good range suitable for communicating with clients and other individuals in the office.

Headphone’s Appearance

Just like other fashion accessories, headphones also affect how we look. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colours suitable for different individuals. One must pick the headset which has the design of their preference. Also, the usage scenario impacts the buying decision. For instance, nobody wants to carry headphones with funky colours in a corporate environment like an office.

To find the best-looking headsets according to your preferences, compare various headphones among your preferred price bracket. Some headsets use fabric to give a bold look to the headphones, while some provide matte finishing for a simple but classy look. In short, the headphone looks suitable for you, boils down to your personal preferences and use-cases. 

Comfort Level

Some users wear the headphones for longer durations. Therefore, choose the headphone models that keep the customers’ comfort in mind. Firstly, the ear cushions or earpads for headphones must be soft and made up of high-quality material. Soft ear pads ensure prolonged usage without any issues like ear pain. Moreover, quality material prevents the ear cushions from getting damaged by moisture and dust deposition. 

Secondly, the frame of the headsets must perfectly fit the user. Because if the headphone frame is too loose, it will tend to fall again and again. While headphones with tight frames also cause discomfort to the user. Hence, the headset frame must neither be too tight nor too loose to ensure total comfort for the user. 

Finally, the headset weight is also a crucial factor to consider. The headset must be lightweight for easier usage. On the other hand, bulkier headphones cause strain and pain in the head and neck, as they feel like a burden. Hence, compare the weight of various headsets online, and consider a light one.  

Battery Capacity

For wireless headsets, battery life is one of the deciding factors in the purchase. It is essential to select a pair of headphones with good battery backup, as no one wants a client call interrupted due to battery drain. However, the bigger the battery is, the bulkier the headsets are.

So, it is up to personal choice if one can adjust with a heavier headset for some extra hours of playback. On the other hand, lightweight headphones are easy to carry and ergonomically sound, but they need charging after a few hours. Hence, it depends on your requirements if you need a big battery or a comparatively smaller one.

Moreover, if you consider wired headphones, factors like battery and range are not applicable. Wired headphones get power from the device they connect via the cord. So, the users don’t have to think about battery life as the headphones are operational until the device is up and running. 


After going through the above guide, one can effectively make a good buying decision. Besides, online purchase provides great offers and discounts to buyers. Jabra is a leading provider of quality office headsets and general use headphones. Hence, they provide durable and comfortable headphones for every use case. You have to figure out your requirement and buy a pair of headsets accordingly.

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