How to Permanently Get Rid of QuickBooks Display Issues Windows 10?

by Mark Williams
QuickBooks Display Issues

Without any doubt, the QuickBooks Desktop offers a user-friendly experience to its customers; sometimes, it might get hampered due to irregular display issues. In this detailed blog, we are going to discuss the QuickBooks display issues Windows 10. At times, you might have seen a blank QB screen or distorted sizes and fonts of the icons. Such errors can happen if you have not configured the display settings on your Windows desktop or even in the QuickBooks program. So, keep reading this whole content and gather all the crucial information about the same.

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What Provokes the Display Problems in the QuickBooks Application?

Do not get worried if you cannot figure out what exactly triggers the issue. Moreover, in order to apply the correct troubleshooting method, you must first try to understand the reason. Thus, go ahead and keep reading-

  1. It might have happened that you have not set up the display settings appropriately in your QuickBooks program, due to which the glitch keeps on appearing.
  2. Verify the view preferences configuration in QB as it can be another cause of the problem.

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How to Completely Make the Display Issues Disappear in the QuickBooks Desktop?

If you face troubles in operating the QuickBooks Desktop due to the display problem, you must not miss reading this section of the blog. Here, we have focused on two aptest fixing methods. Ensure to follow each step concisely-

SOLUTION 1: Modify the Display Configuration in your QuickBooks Application

  1. First, you are required to quit QuickBooks if it is running on your system.
  2. Now, from the ‘Start’ section of Windows, locate QB or search for it in the search box.
  3. Right-click on the QB icon and tap on the ‘Open file location’ option.
  4. Once the folder appears on the screen, you must right-click on the ‘QuickBooks.exe’ file and choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  5. In the following window, move to the ‘Compatibility’ tab and enable the ‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ checkbox.
  6. As an alternative, you can first choose ‘Change high DPI settings and, after that, ‘Override high DPI scaling behavior’.
  7. To confirm the action, finally click on the ‘Apply’ button and then ‘OK’.

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SOLUTION 2: Make Changes in the QuickBooks Desktop View Preferences

  1. In the beginning, start your QuickBooks and then go to the ‘Edit’ menu.
  2. Under the menu, choose the ‘Preferences’ option.
  3. Once the list appears, opt for the ‘QuickBooks View’ option.
  4. After that, shift to the ‘My Preferences’ section.
  5. Now, from the ‘View’ field, you are required to tap on the ‘One Window’ option.
  6. At last, hit the ‘OK’ button.

The blog ends here. We suppose that it helped you understand all the important details about the ‘QuickBooks Display Issues Windows 10’ error. In case you want any extra info about it, reach out to us without any hesitation through 1.855.738.2784 and get connected with the technical support team.

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