How to pay for your purchases in monthly installments without a credit card

by Alex Musk

Did you know that it is possible to pay your purchases in monthly installments without a credit card? There are a number of merchants or direct services that allow consumers to pay their purchases in monthly installments (usually a maximum of 12) at very low or even zero interest. This can be a great way to shop without paychecks and without having to worry about high-interest rates and late payment fees.

Generally, paying in installments for your purchases without a credit card is more possible online than in physical stores, except in one specific case.

Pay in installments for online purchases without a credit card

Buying online without a credit card is a simple operation. There are various merchants who accept payment methods in installments or even pay them directly in installments at zero interest.


Scalapay is a payment gateway that you can choose during checkout that allows you to pay in installments at zero interest in 3 installments.

This payment method must be enabled directly from the online store on which we make the purchase.

In Italy not very many use Scalapay but the number of merchants increases visibly.

On the official website of Scalapay, it is possible to consult a list of affiliated shops.


Paypal is another widely used payment method, perhaps one of the most used in the world, which allows online stores to receive payment quickly but above all, it is recognized for being very safe on the consumer side.

Paypal manages disputes directly with the online store and acts as an intermediary to solve the problem reported by the consumer who made the purchase.

It has recently introduced the 3-month installment payment without interest which can be selected directly during the payment phase.


Amazon has now become an integral part of our life, especially in the past two years. For some years now it has been allowing you to pay your purchases in installments in 5 monthly installments without interest. This service is provided by Amazon itself and not everyone can benefit from it. To understand if we are eligible for the purchase in installments, just go to a suitable product (usually those sold by Amazon.) and check if the words “Payment in 5 Amazon installments” appear.

Pay in-store purchases in installments without a credit card

There is a single service that allows you to pay in-store purchases in installments without a credit Score and even without a paycheck.

We are talking about PagoDIL, a company born a few years ago and subsequently acquired by Cofidis that allows you to pay in installments, usually in 12 months, at zero interest without presenting any type of financial documents.

In order to use Pagodil, it is necessary to have an ATM (Pagobancomat circuit) or Postamat.

Furthermore, it is necessary that the merchants accept the PagoDIL payment method, on the official website there is no list as they are affiliated with many brands throughout Italy (Euronics, Mediaworld, Carrefour, Bennet, …), and having a list would be very complex.

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