How to Make Easy Masala Groundnuts?

by Alisha George

Masala Peanuts/ Kadalai is one of the very well-known snacks, which can be served with tea, coffee, or as it is. It is widely popular in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu.

People also eat this masala groundnuts as a side dish for their breakfast or as a tea time snack. Another delicious item which goes well along with masala groundnuts, is roasted peanuts. You can also check the recipe of roasted peanuts in our other article.

So try these two amazing recipes to add twists to your evening cravings.

Though peanuts are truly rich in protein, this deep fried form is not truly healthy. If you want healthy masala peanuts also try this Roasted Peanuts.

Peanut masala, which is also known as masala groundnut, can be made with besan which will add a nice crisp and delicious flavor. You can also use chickpea flour to make masala groundnuts, served immaculately as a tea time snack or starters. Principally the recipe is a haldiram style masala peanuts which has eventually become one of the favourite snacks for kids and grown-ups as well. It is a very simple and easy recipe which takes hardly a few minutes to prepare, and can be stored for weeks in an airtight container.

Groundnuts have numerous use cases, which includes curries, chutneys. Also, peanuts are essential in numerous cookeries and are used as a base for marathi cookery. peanut masala form is one similar form which is a popular tea time snack common across numerous cookieries.

As I preliminary mentioned, there are multitudinous fashions and dishes prepared using peanut or groundnut, either used as a main component or as a supporting component. Having said that, Groundnut masala is a go-to snack prepared with groundnuts as the main ingredient.

In other words, groundnut is carpeted with seasoned chickpea, rice flour and sludge flour

coating which is latterly deep fried till it holds the crisp shape. This way of preparing masala groundnuts is pretty popular and liked by everyone, but there are other ways as well. The other popular way is to serve peanuts with onion and tomatoes outgunned with spice greasepaint and bomb juice, which is also known as raja masala. It’s popular in karnataka and it’s served in caffs as starters or appetisers. but this post substantially deals with carpeted masala groundnut form.

I’ve added baking pop to the spice coating which isn’t an obligatory option. and if you don’t wish to add it can be ignored safely. also deep shindig these peanuts in a low honey so that it gets cooked unevenly. else, the external subcaste may get cooked briskly with peanuts still raw at the inside.

Masala peanuts is an easy snack form that can be rustled up in twinkles. An ideal incident

with drinks and tea, Masala Groundnuts can be made with introductory constituents and can be stored in air-tight holders for over a week. You can also add some diced onions and green chillies before serving to give that special touch.

Chai is an integral part of utmost Indians’ lives and numerous big opinions take place over the endless mugs of hot tea flowing along with some dry snacks to munch on.

I remember my days when after many hours of a peaceful autumn nap, the evening tea was served.

Of course, it wasn’t the tea for us kiddies but milk and some manual snacks while the grown-ups belted on their storming mug of masala chai munching on the manual delicacies.

So before jumping right into the process to prepare masala groundnuts, here are a few tips that one should follow.

  • You should not make the batter too thin. It should be a little bit thicker so that all the groundnuts can be coated and sticked properly.
  • Also, try not to add a lot of water at one go while mixing flour and nuts. Instead, you should add water little by little, and mix accordingly. Whenever you feel the need to add water, do it so that the batter does not get too runny.
  • Another pro tip is to make sure that you are putting the nuts in the microwave in 3-4 batches. You should not overfill the microwave dish, which can result in sticking the nuts with each other.
  • Adding a little bit of different spices can make your dish ever more tasty. Now this is absolutely your choice. You can add some spices to add a hint of flavor such as amchur powder, fennel powder, or chat masala too.
  • Make sure that you’ve checked the timing of your microwave, since it varies from microwave to microwave.

So the ingredients that you are going to need :

  • 200 grams Groundnuts
  • 1/2 cup chickpeas flour or besan 2 tsp rice flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder 2 tsp red chili powder 1 tsp cumin powder
  • 1 tsp amchur powder 1 tsp chaat masala
  • 3 garlic pods Salt as per taste Water as needed
  • few curry leaves (optional)
  • oil to fry

Process :

  • Firstly, chop and make a paste out of the garlic pods.
  • Then put the groundnuts in a microwave dish and microwave it for 2 mins.
  • After that, take a frying pan and heat it with any oil of your choice for a few seconds.
  • Meanwhile, take chickpeas flour or besan, rice flour, red chili powder, baking powder, cumin powder, amchur powder, chat masala, garlic paste, and salt, in a big bowl. Now mix it well with water until a smooth, fine and slightly thicker batter is formed.
  • Pour all the nuts into the batter and mix well, so that all the nuts get nicely coated with the batter.
  • At this point, you can check the amount of salt and add it if needed.
  • Make sure that the oil is highly hot by this time, so that the groundnuts can be crispy. Once the oil gets hot enough, deep fry the masala coated groundnuts in hot oil. Also, do not pour all the nuts at one go. Do it in batches, and deep fry until it becomes brown and crispy.
  • Once you notice there are bubbles seizing up, place the fried nuts on a kitchen tissue so that it can absorb the excess oil.
  • Do the same steps for the rest of the nuts also.
  • You can also add some curry leaves. It is completely optional though. Fry some curry leaves in the oil till it becomes crunchy. Then, add it to the hot fried peanuts to add extra flavor.

Every single day, gloominess was the same.

The small rustic almirah used to be packed with namak pare, methi mathri and chivda namkeen and lots of other manual snacks including this Masala groundnuts or Masala Moongphali.

Now with effects fluently available in stores and numerous options to choose from, this trend of making manual dry snacks is dying down sluggishly.

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