How to Label Cosmetic Lipstick Boxes, A Study on Lipstick Labels

by Marlinh Sue
custom lipstick boxes

Lipstick has long been the most prominent beauty product of the cosmetics industry. More and more ladies look for various tints of lipsticks to feel beautiful and confident. The first point of contact with lipstick lovers is that of the lipstick’s label. Hundreds of competitors vie to seek the attention of customers to their lipsticks. So it’s crucial for any lipstick brand to focus on creating labels that leave ladies in awe!

Below you’ll explore the exact proven steps on how you can enhance your lipstick labels and improve branding.

Get Your Lipstick Labels in Line with Your Branding

This heading simply means one straight thing. And it’s that your lipstick labels should represent your brand.

For example, your business sells low-cost lipsticks for young ladies. Your goal is that your brand should appeal to this target audience. And presenting your lipsticks as trendy and easy to apply could do the job.

There should be a similarity in the color of the lipstick and the label on top. Shiny finishing and shocking colors are good options.

But if it’s for selling high-end lipsticks – then present your lipsticks as premium and exclusive.

The labels in this case would suggest luxuriousness everywhere. Matte finishing and debossed labeling on top are effective for giving a premium feel.

Remember, your lipstick labels must position your brand in the market how you exactly want it to.

Thoughtfully Choose Label Size for Lipstick Tube Packaging

Lipstick has become an enormously huge category. Although it’s a small item, the demand is overwhelming. Here, labeling plays a big role – especially when properly sized – to compliment branding and design. The label sizing should be considered keeping in view things like information printing and tagline or slogan.

Many times, a double-sided label has benefitted brands greatly.

Easily customizable, you can also go for different colors on the two sides, to highlight each one. For darker shades, the metalized effect looks even better.

Many lipstick makers consume spaces at the end of the small round cap of lipsticks. The smaller label may show the brand name and color or shade of a particular lipstick.

An important thing apart from the size is the style of the font – it should be easy to read. Even in restricted space, the written aspect should still be visible.


Your labels must have the following:

  • Product’s type
  • Product’s name
  • Brand’s name and company address
  • Net weight
  • A comprehensive mention of ingredients

It’s advised that you must go through the complete list of regulations on the Food & Drug Administration Authority’s official website.

The Best Stock Materials for Packing Lipsticks

Beauty is all about outer looks. It’s, therefore, crucial to select the right packaging material for lipstick labels. The stock material should ensure the label remains intact and tidy. Women mostly carry lipsticks in handbags, which is handled a lot. In such a situation, the label must remain in its position. It should not be changed by contact with moisture or a bit higher temperature. The label’s ink must not smudge onto the users’ hands.

BOPP or Biaxially-oriented polypropylene is considered the best material for lipstick labels. Its quality to resist makes it stand out. Every cosmetic product’s packaging label has laminations which help to increase the resistance of the label. It also provides a graceful look.

A few popular lamination options for lipstick labels are:

  • Gloss:    This makes the label very light reflecting. You get a fresh and stylistic look.
  • Matte:  It’s light soaking and very non-reflective label. Result in elegant looks.
  • Soft:      This lamination makes labels quite soft to touch. You get a smooth look that’s premium.

Other methods to make lipstick labels a Stand Out

Lipstick labels play a huge role in increasing the appeal of lipsticks while placed on display shelves. Further, you’ll explore more ways you can maximize their usage.

Add Compelling Words & Phrases

Many times, simple words can change the whole perspective of looking at a product. People love trying new stuff – most of the time. Even a word like ‘latest’ can incite buyers to take the risk of trying your lipstick out of curiosity. It’s because such words always succeed at grabbing attention. Or, add a tag to the lipstick body if there is not enough space on the tube. Other clicking examples of words are “luxurious”, “waterproof”, “nourishing”, “deluxe”.

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