How to Know Health Benefits of Salah from Muslim Pro Application?

by Connect Muslim

For Muslims performing the five times Salah a day is a matter of religious significance. It brings a great deal of sanctity that empowers inner peace and solace to one’s mind, body, and soul.

Doing Salah or Namaz brings an incredible choice of peace, tranquillity, solace, and forgiveness. All these are spiritual benefits of doing the Salah that one can experience either doing 5-time or a single time prayer.

The information regarding Salah, its significance, advantages, and meaning is well equipped from the Muslim Pro app. There is more to learn about Salah in terms of health benefits that most people do not even know about.

So, here, we bring you some incredible facts about health advantages of performing Salah.

  1. Improve Blood Circulation

Did you know the fact that performing Namaz every single time can improve blood pressure to an optimum extent? Those having high blood pressure or low will experience a balanced pressure. The Salah movements help in regulating the flow of blood to the overall parts of the body. Most commonly, Ruku regulates the pressure of the blood on the upper side and Tashahhud improves it on the lower side.

  1. Improve your Digestion Power

Another fact to note the fact that Salah helps in improving digestion to an optimum extent. According to the scientific study, the Quad position of the Namaz helps men to improve their digestion because one has to sit down with one foot circled underneath them. And, women sit with both their feet under them.

The posture of the Salah helps the liver function properly and it relaxes the intestines as well. Ultimately, it helps in improving the digestion of the person doing the Namaz.

  1. Relieve from the Back & Joint Pain

If you have noticed that you bow down while doing the Salah. So, when you bow, you ease up the joints which help in relieving off the pain. Also, note the fact that the position of Ruku helps to provide relief from the back pain. It further relieves the spinal cord pain and hip joints as well. All it helps in relieving the back, shoulder, elbows, knees, ankles, and more.

  1. Cardiovascular Health

Doing Salah on a regular basis is a form of doing exercise that keeps your body in good functionality. It increases your metabolism level to an optimum extent and overall cardiovascular position. In addition, that doing Namaz regularly helps all the organs function properly and keeps you on a healthy spree.

  1. Body Yoga

If you have noticed or not, then doing Salah is considered similar to performing a Yoga exercise. It keeps your body movement in a flexible position and organs healthy. Not just physically, but like Yoga, Salah keeps you in an energetic mental, spiritual, and conscious state of mind.

  1. Overall Cleanliness & Hygiene

One of the ideal benefits of doing Salah is maintaining an optimum level of cleanliness and purity. It keeps you in a constant state of purity form before actually performing the same.

As you know the fact that performing Salah demands to do ablution before doing the same. It is all about cleaning your nose, hands, mouth, neck, feet, and arms. It does not just keep you clean but also free from germs, allergies, and several sorts of diseases that keep you in a running state of mind and position.

Check Out the Movement Benefits of Doing Salah

Till now, you have got to know the key health benefits of doing Salah regularly. You can further access the Muslim Pro mobile application to know the following position names and their significance as well.

* Rufu: This is the position when the person bows down first while performing the religious act of Salah. It keeps the additional blood pumped up all across your upper body. The position further helps to supple up the spine, nerves are relieved and experience an effective posture against the flatulence.

* Ar-Rufu: It is the position of the Salah when you stand straight from the position of bow down movement. It helps to let the fresh blood flows all through your body from the upper to the lower part. Thus, it remains the normal flow and the body is released.

* Sajdah: It is the most important position of the Salah that bring an active state of electrostatic charges,  increased blood supply to the brain and to the face. The position further helps in the drainage of paranasal air sinuses and bronchial trees.

* Jalsa: Better known as the squatting position which brings the fresh flow of blood to the upper half of the body. It normally brings relaxation to the overall body and stimulates the muscles  including the spine. The movement also releases you from constipation and indigestion.

* Rising from Sitting to Standing: Now, comes to the last position of the Salah which is back to the standing position from the sitting one. It brings strength to the legs, back, knees, and thighs.


Know everything about Salah, the lifestyle of Islamic people, and other religious details related to Islam on a Muslim Pro App. Download the app for free from the Android and iOS play store and get acquainted closely with the Islamic culture.

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