How to Go About Getting the Best Value for Your Car?

by cashitcaruk

There are many ways to Value yourused car. This article will focus on two of the most common options: selling it privately or selling it to a car dealer. First, let’s look at how you can sell your car privately.

  • The first option is to advertise your car in the newspaper classified section and online forums where other people interested in buying a second-hand vehicle can find it. This method is time-consuming as you will have to place multiple ads every day for at least one month before you start receiving buyers’ calls and emails. You should choose an ad title that matches what the buyer may expect from the vehicle (e.g., ‘Ford hatchback, automatic transmission’). 

The ad should contain all the relevant information about your car, for example, its year of production, mileage, model, and specs. It may also be a good idea to include images of the vehicle – if you make one yourself using your Smartphone or camera, it will cost you nothing.

Of course, if you have access to a professional camera, there are plenty of examples online on using it correctly (e.g., You can set up automatic emails that would respond whenever someone sends you an email asking for more pictures or information about the car by including this phrase in the title: “email me at…”

  • Another good way to sell a car is to search for potential buyers in the vicinity of your place. Your friends and family members may not be interested in buying a second-hand car, but their acquaintances could be just curious about what is on sale at present. You can post pictures of your vehicle on community notice boards, or you can visit cafes, pubs, and bars frequented by people who might potentially know somebody who needs a second-hand car.
  • You can also visit CashItCar UK’s website to end your search for “value my car” as you get the best estimate for your vehicle by just entering its mileage. 

You can also advertise your car online. This way, you will reach more prospective buyers than with newspaper classifieds or community notice boards. A quick Google search reveals thousands of websites where you can list your vehicle for sale free of charge!

  • You can also try to sell your car directly through social media. Please give it a good name, take some attractive pictures and post them on Facebook or other networks visited by people who may be interested in buying used cars. The downside of this method is that you have no control over the texts other people will post about your vehicle should they give it a bad review. Remember – the first impression is essential.

The above methods are aimed at helping you reach as many possible buyers as possible without any guarantees. So what if none of the online options work? You can always put an advert signboard up in your front yard to make sure everyone driving around sees it! Or you could try placing an ad in newspapers (if you haven’t already) and flyers on car windows. Placing an advertisement on a telephone pole may also be worth trying.

  • If you’ve tried the above options and still haven’t managed to sell your car, you can always place it at a local used cars dealer. Although prices offered by such dealers are usually lower than those given by private buyers, there is also significantly less hassle involved. All negotiations with the dealer will most likely require only one visit to their premises before any deal is struck.
  • However, selling your vehicle to a dealer means that it will no longer belong to you. Therefore if something goes wrong (or someone damages your car) or new problems appear during its usage after purchase, you won’t have access to it.

If you want to avoid possible problems, however, there is a simple solution. Instead of selling your car directly to private buyers or dealers, try publishing an ad on Amazon or eBay. This way, the transaction will be conducted online, and Amazon or eBay will take care of all issues related to delivery/purchase, etc.

 If everything goes smoothly, you won’t need to worry about the safety of your vehicle as their administration system protects it. Once a purchase has been made, they’ll hold onto both the payment received from the buyer and your car until someone claims ownership over one of them (i.e., when you receive money for buying another car). 

Finally… although we all wish to get rid of our Sell My Mini  cars in the fastest and most efficient way possible, don’t forget that used car sales are just one of many possible ways to make extra cash if you feel like your old car has seen better days. You can always sell spare parts or scrap metal from its insides! Just remember – be patient and never give up hope. Luck may be around the corner!

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