How to get free lawyer consultation?

Are you stressed out about your legal issues and trying to find free lawyer consultations? If you search online, there will be many such services available. However, we know that country-wise law differs, and all the lawyers would not have the best legal advice for you. The Canadian Government wants the legal rules to bring equal justice and opportunities for everyone. So, most free services are for the poor or cannot afford to spend extra after the household expenditures. 

Now, let’s get going to find how to get a free lawyer consultation for you!

Finding a local lawyer to plan free legal consultation

In most law firms, we do not see they provide free consultations. Take some time to find the local lawyers available in your area. Investing time might seem like a hassle, but good local lawyers want clients, so they would not mind investing a few minutes in you. By the end, you would get the best legal advices, and they would not even charge that!

Mostly, all bar associations have lawyer referral service programs. The Canadian way of the referral service is they have free consultations online and offline for 30 minutes. In this case, to consult a lawyer, the person does not need to qualify any criteria.

Legal Aid programs by Government

As mentioned, Canadian law states requirements on finance (poor or low-income earners) and the type of legal problem to avail legal aid. The Government holds The Legal Society, so a client gets a free lawyer.

The Legal Society’s requirements are:

  • The client’s problem should follow the legal aid rules
  • Client’s financial position
  • The client cannot afford any way to legal help

In addition, the types of legal problems include:

  • Issues like mental health or imprisonment
  • Immigration issues
  • Criminal charges
  • Issues of protection.

Free Legal Services

Local courts of a state provide different types of free legal services. The services require being a particular type of legal case, but family issues are mostly prioritized. In this part, we will get to know about a few of such free services.

Pro bono service” is a Latin term which means free expert service. These programs control free legal clinics around the states. As a start, clients discuss their legal issues with a lawyer as a trial of half an hour. This free consultation will help clients to decide about the case. Nonetheless, legal clinics do not restrict people from visiting again, but they would not be confirmed to consult the same lawyer again. A lawyer from legal clinics can help you in many ways, including representing you in courts for your case. If you think the time is enough to discuss your issue, then you are wrong. So, it is better to go prepared.

Self-help programs are resources to ask a few questions about your interest in the services or form to fill up. Moreover, the questions are always kept confidential. Being assisted by courts is not a substitution for getting a lawyer. People who answer the queries are legal but not licensed lawyers and do not answer in person. If you find programs where in-person questions are accepted, go on without a second thought!

Local Law Schools with clinic programs offer multiple free services. These are specialized schools that do not hold any requirements, but the cases need to be good. Local law schools run such programs to help students gain experience and be legally prepared. However, these clinic programs focus on specific issues like criminal/ civil/ mental health/violence. All of these explanations mean that they are not licensed but licensed, experienced lawyers supervise them. Supervision of lawyers helps them to work without mistakes.   

Online Help

As the world is under lockdown, clients try to find ways to how to get free lawyer consultation. Clients can get legal help in two ways.

The ways are:

Call a legal aid hotline: every state holds such hotline services. These are specifically for emergency issues, i.e., domestic violence. Advices through the legal hotline calls are free or charged very low.    

Access websites to ask questions: the digital world turned every resource online. Licensed lawyers answer legal queries through websites, and they are specialized in the matter. Regardless of getting thousands of websites, you should select one that your state or area is based as this would help you get exact evaluations.

Are you still confused about paying for the legal consultations? Call anyway, and Injury Lawyer Calgary will help you find out! The first consultation is free of cost, and you can contact a lawyer through the website.  

To wrap it all up

Having no or less income is a huge problem but including legal issues adds up more to stress! The free legal services mentioned would be helpful enough to stop you from wondering about “how to get free lawyer consultation?”  

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