How to find laptop screen size?

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how to find laptop screen size

when it comes to measuring something, what comes first in your mind? Certainly the measuring tape or strip. The same you might use to measure/find laptop screen size.

Well, I have a better idea than that. What if you could measure the size of any screen without the tape or strip? yes, because, using a tape to measure the size of the screen might need complexions. And also you may not get the accurate screen size.

Therefore, it is better to look upon some better alternatives.

below, we have mentioned some of the better alternatives to choose to measure the laptop screen size rather than using the strip, etc. And bet! you could have not guessed these before reading out this article.

So, without wasting further time, lets get straight onto the point!

How to find the screen size of a laptop/desktop/TV etc?

Lets me clarify at first that, with the below-mentioned methods, you will have not to need a strip for the measurement of the screen.

1.Ask google:

This really seems, easy and common. But more than 75% of people can’t guess this idea when they come to find the screen size.

So, what you need to do is just open the browser and type in the laptop model number. And you will get the accurate screen size of your laptop with the entire rest specifications.

With Google, you not only can find the accurate measurement of the screen. But also other specifications that you may require.

2.Search in user manual:

Moreover, you may say. What if you don’t have access to the internet? well, no worries! you can still find the screen size of the laptop with the measuring tape. Just bring on the user manual you got with the laptop.

The user manual consists of the entire information, that you require including the screen size and resolution.

Moreover, you might get other beneficial information too from the user manual, that we ignore at the time of buying the products usually.

3.Look the back side of the laptop:

So, what if you don’t have access to the internet. Nor you have the user manual. You just brought the product second hand without any user manual of the box. Can you still find the laptop screen size?

Well, Certainly! you can still find the screen size.

For that, you need to just beck flip your laptop. Most of the laptops, usually have stickers on the backside of their laptop. So, just turn around your laptop, and see if the sticker is still intact.

If not, it might be intact on the internal side of the back cover. Just open the back cover. And you could find the sticker intact there. On the sticker, you will find the laptop model number and other essential information including the laptop screen.

Moreover, if you are unfamiliar with the laptop model number, and it is causing you not to find the screen size online. From the intact label, you can easily get the model number. And type that on google to see all the specifications of the product.

So, these are some better choices, that can use to find the laptop screen size.

What if you want to measure the screen with the tape?

4.How to calculate the screen size with tape?

Well, if you go for the tape and measure it personally. So, let me tell you how you can find the laptop screen size using a measuring tape.

Take the tip of the tape at the one side of the screen diagonally. And roll it on its counter side. And you will get the screen size of your laptop.

The same method can be executed while measuring the screen size of a computer monitor, or TV, etc.

5.What are some usual screen-sizes that laptops come in?

The typical laptop size starts from 11 inches up to 18 inches. And almost all the laptops come in this range. However, monitors come with a wider screen size ranging from 14 inches up to 25 inches.

Moreoever, as long as the size of TVs are concerned. Nowadays, most of the people USE LEDs or LCDs. And these screens come in the range of 20 inches up to 70 inches usually.

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in this article, we mentioned some of the better methods to find the screen size of a laptop/TV, etc. These might seem unimportant. But believe me, most of the time, whenever, you go to measure the screen size of your laptop or TV. You just get the strip instead of using the above-mentioned ways.

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