How to Ensure Your Custom Rigid Packaging Arrives on Time?

by David Harrison
custom rigid boxes

You might be an experienced business owner, but if you are new to e-commerce and ordering custom rigid packaging, chances are you won’t get your packages in time. Especially if you need them by a specific date. It can prove devastating for your online business because there are several critical retail events and holidays that you would like to stock up for, including Easter, Black Friday, and Christmas. 

This requires you to comprehend the packaging production timeline and make sure you have your custom rigid boxes with you when you need them. Here are a few tips for managing your packaging production effectively to tackle this problem.

Identify Important Retail Events and Highlight the Dates 

 When it comes to online business, time is of the essence. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of custom rigid packaging on-hand, it can delay order shipping and pave the way for a poor buying experience. The first step to managing the packaging production timeline is identifying and marking the important events on the calendar. So, you know when exactly you need the wholesale rigid boxes in-hand. 

Having knowledge of these dates in advance will allow you to work backward and determine when to place your packaging order. 

  • Know Your Rigid Box Manufacturers in USA

Production or lead time is the period required to produce your custom rigid packaging right from order initiation to completion of manufacturing. The lead time is driven by numerous factors, such as packaging style and material, location of the manufacturer, and printing method being used. On top of it, every packaging supplier has its own lead-time standards. Thus, it is vital to read your packaging partner’s policies before placing the order.

The Legacy Printing requires 12-14 days to complete bespoke rigid boxes production once the artwork is approved. Remember, this doesn’t include shipping time. In contrast, sample orders, which have any box order of quantity four or less, are produced in 3-4 business days. 

  • Study the Shipping Methods of Packaging      

Shipping is another critical factor in the production timeline that new online business owners often tend to overlook. Mind you, shipping times are based on the delivery methods you choose when placing your order, so it’s essential to conduct research and pick the best carrier that meets your specific needs and location. For instance, if you opt for UPS Ground, there is no guaranteed delivery window. That said, the delivery window falls between 4-7 days. Depending on the location, the delivery time can be reduced. 

When planning the production timeline, it is vital to consider both regional and international suppliers. Suppose you are procuring custom rigid boxes from an overseas manufacturer. In that case, there are countless implications to your timeline that must be closely examined, from managing shipping to navigating customs and customer service accessibility to ensuring packaging quality. For some brands, cost savings worth more than anything. But, it’s best to go with a local packaging provider for complete peace of mind.    

  • Work with an E-Commerce Packaging Specialist

Whether you just entered the e-commerce world or have been around the block for quite some time, it pays great dividends to work with specialist e-commerce packaging. Such a printer will guide you through the process in case you need support. Take The Legacy Printing, for instance. The US-based company has helped countless e-commerce businesses procure the best quality shipping boxes quickly, so they can ship their orders in a timely fashion without experiencing any delays. More importantly, clients have access to instant customer service that caters to their needs. At the same time, the sales team keeps them in the loop, so they remain abreast of the production progress.  

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