How To Efficiently And Quickly Clean Your Bathroom

by Eva Max
commercial cleaning company Dallas TX

Your bathroom needs to be cleaned often than any other room in your house. It gets lots of traffic and opportunity for germs to spread. Just washing down the toilets and wiping counters will not cut it. Because, unlike other rooms where you can make the bed and tidy it up a bit, bathrooms are not cleaned like that. We are not suggesting that your bathroom should take a considerable amount of your time to get cleaned. Luckily while you are here, take advice from a commercial cleaning company Dallas TX, to quickly and efficiently clean your washroom.

Spraying Method Of A Commercial Cleaning Company Dallas TX

Professionals start the process of commercial cleaning Dallas by spraying the outside of the toilet with disinfectant from the top of the bathroom to its base, including the toilet seat. The next step is to pour toilet bowl cleaner under the toilet rim and scrub it consistently. Janitors use paper towels to wipe the edge of the toilet because they can easily be flushed down.

Spray Foaming Bath Cleaner

The next step is to spray boulder cleaner in your tub, sink, and shower. Consider foaming bath your workhorse. Apply a thin and sprayed layer of the cleaner to your tub and the surrounding surface area. Once you have applied the foaming bath, you should give the product three to five minutes to penetrate the surface.

Surfaces And Mirrors

A professional commercial cleaning company Dallas TX will make the third move on bathroom mirrors and surfaces. They use glass and surface cleaner and start polishing the mirror. The use of proper tools and products, in this case, is critical as this shows their quality through shining and polished mirrors. Some commonly used products are method specialty cleaner set, scrubbing bubbles bathroom grime, comet ultra bathroom cleaner e.t.c.

The Wipe Down Process

Microfiber is mainly used to wipe the foaming bath of your sink, shower, and tub. The microfiber and foaming bath combination will make short work of soap scum and all the excess build-up. Foaming cleaner may make a lot of mess before it’s even time to scrub it away. Additionally, microfiber is designed to hold more residue than terry cloth rags. What professionals use is they wet the cloth and wipe out the foaming bath. They use the scrubby side of the cloth to clean up stubborn build-up patches. A cleaning company advises house owners that rinse the cloth frequently while working when cleaning washrooms.

Final Step- Flush And Done

After all the work is done, flush the toilet, and you are done. The bathroom is cleaned sooner than you expected. Hopefully, this knowledge will assist you in keeping your washroom clean and tidy every day.

All you need to do is get aware of some products, tools, and a little commercial cleaning Dallas strategy to make your bathroom a cleaning haven. Just make sure that you repeat this procedure more than three days per week. Looking for more cleaning tips and strategies or want to hire full-time cleaning janitors for house cleaning. Do not hesitate to contact DBM INC professional janitorial services at (972) 620-9200.

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