How to Easily Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 99001?

by erica watson

There are numerous errors that arise from the misuse or damage of the company file. Some others also come up when the user tries to access the company file. This blog focuses on one such error that is the QuickBooks Error 6073 99001, which is triggered usually when any other user is trying to operate the file remotely, and that too, in the multi-user mode. So, if you too are a victim of the text, “QuickBooks is unable to open this company file. It may have been opened by another user…,” continue reading the blog below.

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Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks Error 6073 99001

  1. Another user is working on the Single-user mode to access the company file.
  2. When the file is stored on a read-only network folder, error 6073 99001 can come up.
  3. The Linux Server is hosting the company file, and numerous login details are being used to access the shared folder.
  4. A user is trying to access the application via a remote software like LogMeIn, GoToMyPC etc.

Quick Ways to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 99001

Based upon the factors that give rise to QuickBooks Desktop Error 6073 99001, these are the practical solutions to fix it –

Relative Solution 1 – Based on the 1st Cause, if another workstation is accessing the file in single-user mode –

  1. Exit from QuickBooks Desktop from all the connected and running computer devices.
  2. Move to the Host Computer and open QuickBooks there.
  3. Access your company file.
  4. Tap on the File tab and choose the “Switch to multi-user mode” option; the error should cease to exist within some time.
  5. However, if QuickBooks Destop 99001 is still flashing on your screen, you must restart all workstations.

Relative Solution 2 – If the Host computer is accessing the Company File using the single-user mode –

  1. Close all applications and open QuickBooks on the Host device.
  2. Click on the File button and tap on the Close Company option.
  3. Here, you must close the file and open it again.
  4. Tap on the File tab again and select the Open or Restore Company option
  5. Press the Open a Company File option and hit the OK button.

Relative Solution 3 – If a read-only folder has your company file, these steps will be helpful –

  1. Move to the Host computer and navigate to the folder that is holding your company file.
  2. Click right on it and select Properties from the list.
  3. Hover over the Security tab and choose the user who is incurring the error.
  4. Hit the Edit button and tick the Allow option to provide Full Control.
  5. At last, press the Apply button and hit OK.

The solutions mentioned above should prove to be useful for you in resolving QuickBooks Error 6073 99001 without creating any further hassles. If you are seeking professional help to get this issue fixed, feel free to connect with our tech expert team at 1-855-856-0042 for instant resolution.

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