How To Draft Perfect Citations In The APA Harvard Referencing Style?

by suhanawilliams

Ask any student about citing assignments flawlessly in the APA Harvard referencing style, and they would tell you how tedious the affair can be. Although you can use a APA referencing tool, you must put substantial effort into citing resources as you do in the case of crafting the paper itself.

If you are baffled about how to create perfect citations, then we have a step-by-step guide that would help you nail your citations like a pro.

APA Harvard Referencing Style: A Quick Overview

To cite academic papers without using a APA Harvard referencing generator tool, it is crucial to understand what the Harvard referencing style truly is.

Harvard referencing style is an author-year system that implies putting the source citation right after the quote, thus directly referring to the reference list. It is presently used globally and is the most-used referencing style at APA. It’s widely used across all disciplines including social sciences, business and commerce, and some other sciences.

Creating In-Text Citations In APA Harvard Referencing Style

If you go through the solutions churned by APA Harvard referencing tools, you would understand t two kinds of in-text citations: narrative and parenthetical. Both include the following source details:

  • Author surname
  • Publication year
  • Page numbers (only required if you are using a direct quotation and there are available page numbers)

A parenthetical citation incorporates all the information within round brackets in the sentence that consists of the borrowed information.

(Author Surname, Publication Year)


(Author, Year, p. nn)


(Author, Year, pp. nn-nn)

A narrative citation incorporates the author’s name in the text of the sentence and the other information placed within the round brackets.

Author Surname (Publication Year)


(Year, p. nn)


(Year, pp. nn-nn)

Example- Suppose, when you are providing a APA Harvard style in-text citation for a work that has only one author or one company accredited to its name, then the citation would be as follows-

“Miss Stevenson had known Arthur Finch, Mark’s cousin, since they were as little as 2 years old.” (Lee, 1980, p.67)

In the online report, Richardson postulated that the cause was due to insufficient passage of air (2017)

Creating Reference List In APA Harvard Referencing Style

Each citation in a reference list incorporates various pieces of information including-

  • Name of the author(s)
  • Year published
  • Title
  • City published
  • Publisher
  • Page used


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