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How to declutter your wardrobe for the new season

by Custom Boxes

Are you overwhelmed by the apparel in your wardrobe? Despite looking at all clothes you know you have placed somewhere, now it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. We have gathered some essential tips for you to create a more streamlined and fashion-forward wardrobe. Declutter your wardrobe and use custom coffee boxes just by following simple rules.

Start from the initial level:

First of all, you need to pull everything out of your wardrobe. Then pile up all clothes on the bed in the shape of a big heap. Now divide these clothes into the below categories.

  1. Things that you have not used in a while
  2. Items that you did not try for months
  3. Things that you plan to wear in the coming days
  4. Comfortable clothes
  5. Clothes for formal occasions

Lessen the number of clothes:

We need to be realistic about the item that doesn’t fit well when it comes to decluttering your wardrobe. If it seems new and one can use it then simply sell it over eBay.  For each item, you need to first ask yourself these questions: Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I wear it?

Separate your seasonal clothes:

You can lessen the amount of storage space by dividing your wardrobe between summer and winter clothes. Store your seasonal clothes in apparel boxes to prevent them from dust. It also helps you minimize ceasing and to limit the storage space needed.

This process creates enough space for you to place new clothes.

Clean your wardrobe:

Once you have emptied all drawers and shelves, it’s time to clean the wardrobe with a damp cloth. Sort your cloth hangers in order and kick out broken ones. 

Rearrange items back in your wardrobe:

Put items in the cupboard as you have planned in your mind and place those items at the front which you plan to wear in near future.  You can make things easier by making sure the hangers are facing the same way.

Top tips for wardrobe wellness:

 Here is advice for decluttering, organizing, and creating an organization in your wardrobe.

Sort your apparels into categories:

Separate your apparel into different categories such as gym clothes, workwear, weekend wear, and evening wear.  Then sort your jeans color-wise and they could be sorted into blue, white, and black denim for instance.

  • Arrange your wardrobe wisely

Once you have perfectly organized your clothes and now it’s your turn to put them back into your wardrobe and drawers. You need to make sure that the clothes that you wear often are easily accessible. This whole process is best for cutting down your morning routine time. 

  • Keep monthly checkups

A quick checkup each month is best to stay on top of things. Also, you must give a quick sort out to all things that you are not wearing. It will also serve as a mood booster.

Bottom Line:

This is the perfect guide to declutter your wardrobe. Now it’s up to us how we follow the guide. Listed step-wise points help to manage and organize your wardrobe easily. So you need to stay mindful of what you wear to keep you on track while decluttering your wardrobe.

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