How to Care for Leather Shoes

by Lisa Vincent
Care for Leather Shoes

It is said that shoes tell a lot about a person’s personality. Whether for men or leather shoes for women have been in fashion for time immemorial. So, if you love your leather shoe, you should provide enough care to maintain it.

Having said that, here we have 5 steps on how to care for leather shoes.

Top 5 Care Tips for Leather Shoes

Everyone thinks that leather shoes are tough to maintain. They think that leather shoes may not be durable for a long time. But that is not true.

When given enough care, leather can be exceptionally long-lasting. Maintaining proper leather shoe maintenance (dress shoes, boots, or casual sneakers) boils down to two key principles: keeping them clean and dry.

Step 1: Restrain Yourself from Wearing Leather Shoe Everyday

Just like human skin, leather needs enough breathing space. To prevent wearing the same pair of shoes every day, you can buy 2 pairs of shoes and rotate wearing them.

Your feet are supposed to sweat all day (that’s the truth), and the leather will absorb all the sweat. Damp leather is more prone to stretching, discoloration, scuffing, and creases. If you wear leather shoes every other day, they will dry properly. As a result, their durability will increase significantly.

Step 2: Clean after Every time and in Each 6-Week You Wear Them

After each wear, clean your shoes quickly with a brush or dry cloth. This will prevent dirt and muddiness of the leather over time, preventing discoloration.

You also wouldn’t want the leather shoe to dry out. This is because it can break soon. We’re aware, and it’s erratic. Fortunately, maintaining a healthy balance is simple: Every 6 to 8 wears, polish your shoes.

Shoe polish hydrates the leather while also providing a layer of protection against dust and water. It restores color and conceals flaws and scuffs. All you have to do now is choose between cream polish or wax.

Using a microfiber cloth, rub the polish into clean shoes in circular motion. Use a pig hairbrush to rub it in even more deeply if you want to go the additional mile. Finish by buffing the shoe and restoring its shine with a cleaning glove or brush.

Step 3: Store with Shoe Tree

A poplar or cedar shoe tree is likely the most crucial aspect of leather shoe care. Yet, it’s often disregarded. Because leather is porous, it collects moisture and odors, resulting in deterioration over time.

However, a shoe tree works to absorb moisture and odor while maintaining the appropriate shape of the shoe to avoid creases. With only this single step, you can significantly increase the life of your shoes.

Step 4: Avoid Bad Weather

One of the best practices of leather shoe care is not wearing it during rain. Also, avoid walking on snowy sidewalks in the winter if at all possible. Even if your leather shoe is waterproof, it can be stained by water. On top of that, wet leather soles are more sensitive to hard surfaces such as concrete.

Thus, wear a pair of galoshes if you know you’ll be wearing them in the rain or snow. Just in case, we recommend keeping a couple of swims at home and in your car.

The leather can be damaged by heat and sunlight. If your leather shoes get wet, resist the temptation to dry them by the radiator or a window. Allow them to air out for a few days, and don’t forget about the shoe tree.

Step 5: Store Leather Shoes in Dust Bags

Dust can cause discoloration and damage to your shoes over time. Keep your shoes in a fabric dust bag if you won’t be wearing them frequently. This will protect them and also allow them to breathe.


Keeping your leather shoes clean and well-maintained shows strong character and personality. Now you know how to care for leather shoes with our 5-step approach.

But there are obviously more cleaning hacks you can look into for different types of shoes. Nevertheless, this guide can help you keep almost all leather shoes tidy, durable, and protected.

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