How much does it cost to maintain a car?

by Alex Musk

We have estimated how much it costs to maintain a car. Taxes, fuel, and insurance can cost up to 20% of income.

Almost 3,400 euros a year, that’s how much it can cost to maintain a car according to Assoutenti’s estimates. Let’s see what the cost items are and how to save.

Maintaining a car costs almost 3,400 euros a year

Assoutenti has produced an estimate of the costs to be incurred to maintain a car. An important fact to keep in mind when deciding how to organize the family budget and on which items of expenditure you can save.

This is not an easy phase for car owners, with rising fuel prices and a generalized rise in prices also due to inflation and the consequences of the pandemic and accelerated recovery.

But let’s get to the numbers. Assoutenti releases two very significant data:

  • a motorist spends an average of 3,361 euros a year to maintain the car;
  • the costs associated with owning a vehicle are approximately 20% of income.

Let’s see the expense items in detail:

  • fuel, about 2 thousand euros are spent, which is, therefore, the main item of expenditure;
  • Motor TPL, the average cost of € 360;
  • ordinary maintenance and repair work, up to 390 euros per year;
  • change oiltires, and spare parts, for 250 euros;
  • tolls and parking meters, an average of € 110 is spent per year;
  • stamp duty and revision, 240 euros.

These are all average data, so your expense items may be different. After all, you have a more or less efficient vehicle, because you use the motorway a lot or you only drive in the city, etc.

That said, the total of the estimate makes almost 3,400 euros a year, equal to 18.7% of an average income and 11% of a family’s annual expenditure.

Car costs: how to save on insurance?

Given the onerousness of car management, let’s see what you can do to contain insurance costs and save money.

First of all, if you have to subscribe to a new policy and there is someone in the family who has a higher class of merit, remember that you can take advantage of the family car liability and therefore inherit a better class than yours, saving money. This is the former Bersani Law which, however, has expanded its range of action and now also applies to renewals.

Also to save money on car insurance, you can rely on our estimate calculator.

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